Monday, November 21, 2011

Friends With Benefits--Ah Ganon?

 Dear insansapains,
I categorized my sets of friends in the previous blog. This categorization makes me utter ah ganon. (dahil sumasakit ang mata ni biyay sa blind item, may pangalan na ang mga characters).

From Victor Agustin of Cocktales:

A NUMBER of Cabinet members of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who were stumped by the increasingly strident and mean tone of ex-colleague Leila de Lima against her former boss, were overheard sharing notes Saturday night at St. Luke’s in The Fort, trying to divine De Lima’s complete, canine devotion to P.Noy for the justice secretary to even defy the Supreme Court.
In the course of the post-mortem, one ex-Cabinet member revealed that De Lima had appealed for economic assistance right after she was appointed by GMA as human rights chairman, with the feisty lawyer complaining about the meager government salary.
The long and the short of it was that GMA, according to the ex-Cabinet secretary, gave a million reasons a month for De Lima to thereafter look on the brighter side of life. This monthly blessings, added the former De Lima colleague, can be validated at the Land Bank branch in Malacañang.
The Cabinet member’s story was confirmed by another ex-Cabinet colleague, who wondered if De Lima had fessed up to P.Noy about how she could be an exhibit “A” for Kim Jacinto-Henares’ Tuwid na Daan campaign.
There was an added happy ending to this heretofore unknown story; because of the monthly blessings, De Lima has managed to employ the services of a particularly loyal driver,

a luxury that the wife of Michael Ray Aquino and the Ping Lacson boys had only been too eager to talk about not too long ago.

Power and Money--It makes you forget who your friends were. 
Have you seen the picture of Soliman lately in the news grinning ear to ear. At first I thought, she was the clone friend of GMA befire their falling out, You can see her side by side with the ex-president wherever she went. Can I categorize under her Friend with Beef.


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