Wednesday, November 16, 2011

De Lima: What's the rush?

Dear insansapinas,

Just like Miriam Santiago, I am so pissed that I want to slash not my wrists (no sila sinuswerte) but my paper towel when I read some people asked why didn't the Arroyos  charter a plane to go to Singapore if they are in a hurry. (Kasi po kahit chartered plane, covered pa rin ng WLO. And it is easier to book than to arrange for a plane to fly to Singapore. Tseh.

Then De Lima asked why the rush to go to Singapore when it is not a matter of life and death. Eh kailan pa kung ER na? Ngayon lang unstable na ang blood pressure eh. As has always been the advice of the doctor, the EARLIER THE DISEASE IS DIAGNOSED, THE GREATER IS THE CHANCE THAT IT CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. So see Doctor ASAP. Who is he? 

In making appointment with the specialists, it is not easy to get the earliest possible schedule because of so many  patients  in the waiting list. Here in the States, it is a month long wait. IF THERE IS CANCELLATION, then the schedule could be given to a patient who is available. Remember, she is no longer the president and therefore, the privilege of being a priority is no longer there. Ano kanyo, may pera naman siya. Eh lahat naman nang nagpapacheck-up, may pera kung hindi sa pipitsuging doctor lang sila.

Randy David posed the questions  what major medical problems are bugging the former president? How serious might these be at this point, given what we’ve seen and heard in media? Aren’t there physicians and surgeons in our country who can competently diagnose and treat these problems?

How can the disease be diagnosed when the ex-president is prevented from seeking medical treatment abroad which first step is to undergo series of examinations.

By the way, does the public notice that we have a very high inflation rate? If this is not checked and the growth of economy continue to decline, it is not a surprise for the country to undergo recession while the administration is busy with other things.

I am not pro-GMA. If she is guilty of the charges, then by all means,  make her pay for her sins. 

But I rather see economic growth for the country than an incarceration of an ageing ex-president who may not enjoy the wealth that she amassed due to her health issues.


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