Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Dear insansapinas,

As if you do not notice, mine is a humor blog. Trying hard nga lang. You need to tickle your funny bones to laugh after finding the humor which is  like a proverbial needle in the haystock  in an article pretending to be serious but falls short of the grade.

Before the video of the spokesperson of the SC became viral, I could have posted it in my blog to elicit laughter. But I didn't. I do not want to make fun of the demeanour of an individual due to her/his gender orientation or which was shaped by his upbringing.

I used to have  three  male faculty members who were suspected of being members of the third kind--- but they were not. Why did I write this in past tense? Because these three had already passed away. One from aneurysm, the other one was due to stroke and the youngest was a victim of robbery. The youngest faculty staff had a female  "extracurricular" activity which contributed to the dissolution of his marriage.  Some students asked me if he was " bakla"because of his effiminate mannerisms.  I answered an emphatic no. The other two were also married and had several well disciplined children. Pero mahihiya si Supsup sa pag-imbay ng balakang.

Even if it were true that the these men had secret lives, as long as they did not molest or took advantage of the students, I would not have minded. No one is perfect.

But it is just me whose one of favorite songs is by Rico Puno:

Bago mo linisin ang putik ng iba
Linisin mo muna ang putik saiyong mukha,
Kung ano ang di mo gusto, huwag gawin sa iba.
Kung ano ang inutang, siya ang rin ang kabayaran, ohh baby.

I am so disappointed also with people who called the former president and the current president derogatory names such as dwende, demonyo, abnoy, etc. It is not FUNNY people. They are family people too. They have siblings or children who will get hurt when they read these monickers. Iba yong personal at iba yong professional lives.  Yong personal, personal. yong professional, professional. Malabo? Punasan ninyo ang inyong salamin. Nalalabuan din ako. mwehehe


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