Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luksong Tinik

Dear insansapinas,

Luksong Tinik (thorn hurdles). 
This is a very common game played largely by girls ages between 7 to 12, though, in some areas, boys join in. This game is played outside with players divided into sets, comprising of the mother ('inay) and her child ('anak'). The 'it' are two players who seat facing each other, stacking their feet and hands together, gradually increasing the height while the opponents jump over it. Any 'child' player who touches any part of this hurdle is saved by the 'mother' who would jump on the former's behalf. If she, too, fails to accomplish the feat, both 'mother' and 'child' becomes the 'it' who would assume the seated position.


When I was small (and Christmas trees were tall) my friends and I used to play luksong tinik. We had a playmate who was "madaya". She would ask the " it", to lower the hands so she can jump over.
Talisod pa rin.

Our economy is like luksong tinik. The economic team asked the target to be lowered from, 6 per cent to 5 per cent.

Hindi pa rin inabot. Sus. Masyado na ang pulitika at showbiz. Tutukan naman ang ekonomiya. Hindi na rin ako magsusulat about show biz ---pag hindi sikat ang involved. Promise. Talking about show business, nakita raw ang prince kasama ang mother queen na galing sa ibang kingdom. Masayang-masaya raw ang prince. Ang sakit noon. Araguy. Talagang hindi pansin si princess, maglumugmok man siya.

Ito pala ang balita tungkol sa ekonomiya. 

The Development Bank of Singapore expects the Philippine economy to grow this year by only 3.6 percent, after the government reported that the increase in gross domestic product in the third quarter was worse than expected.

In its latest research note, DBS said the 3.2-percent growth in the July-September quarter brought GDPexpansion to 3.6 percent for the nine months to September.
“The disappointing figure means that even the lower band of the government’s 4.5 percent to 5.5 percent revised target range is probably out of reach,” the Singapore-based group said.

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