Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Fairy Tale -Back to the Drawing Board

Dear insansapinas,

In the far away kingdom in Asia, lives a prince. He is one of the attractions in the celluloid palace. But the prince appears that he is not what he claims to be. No worry, thought the publicity arm of the kindom. As long as there are women who'll  shriek to the "kilig" moments, they can always come up with damage control plan. In the past, every time his secret life was at the risk of being revealed by  the kingdom's press, the publicity group paired him with the most popular princess. Then the romance simply faded away.

In the last few years, he became bolder. His sightings with his special friends worried the think tank machine. So, what was best decision was to pair him with another beautiful princess.  The princess must have already an inkling of his personality but she has fallen...madly in love or she was challenged that she can change him.  She liked to give up several times but she would find herself going back to his arms again. Kilig din siya. Never mind if it is just for a show.  While she was crying buckets of tears, the prince would just dismiss it as simply as lovers' quarrel.

But then another talk show needs a new " pakulo". So came the interview. Would you believe that the counts and the countesses did not give their blessing for the " tell-but-not-really-tell-all" interview? Would you believe that they can afford their prince to lose his fans? There should be the do's and don'ts to define the boundaries of the expose. The people waited with bated breath. Is he or is he not? The revelation was a disappointment however. It just  made the issue  full of more questions. Congrats to the think tank. They made people glued to their seats while the couple was singing love songs to people who are unaware of the status of their love story. 

No mention of the real cause of the split." Make it vague". could have been the order. Let the viewers come up with conclusion.  The prince's mystic is going to be protected. He's a moneymaker of the kingdom.

The people gobbled it up. There were no dry eyes after the show while  the prince and princess entertained people in another kingdom as if nothing happened. The prince requested the public to understand the princess. He asked to respect his privacy. What private life? He is in show business where people do not know and do not care about the thin line that separates private from public life of celebrities.  Besides his packaging was that of Valentino. A woman's man. A hunk. Not a man's man.

The publicity people are panicking. The public believe that he is more of a princess in the fairy tale rather than the prince so they are floating the idea that the split was caused by a third party who can not even hold a candle for the princess. TAMA na ang panloloko, hane.

Many people rode on the controversy. The father of the princess who had also caused heartache to the mother broke his silence (?) Ow come on, he has been granting interviews about his daughter. He has something to promote too.  So what if the pot calls the kettle black ? The half-sister whose song she is promoting seems not appropriate for the feeling of the "ate". Who can relax? 

The host who thought that he did it again--making business out of the misery of some people is still talking.  He had to say something to the press. Strike the iron while it is still hot. 

And the publicity department is back to the drawing board. How would they protect their investments? In the meantime. This should warn the prince that he can become Sleeping Beauty when the godmother of fairies flick her wand. 
"Add multimillion peso contracts to the pot. This coupling goes farther than the kilig of romance: This love affair involved investments. When will the charades end … or is this part of an even much larger machinery oiling its wheels?" - Jose Javier Reyes 


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