Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Agony of a Mother

Dear insansapinas,

There were reactions in the twitter on the latest circus in town--the Revilla murder case.  One was from AuPijuan who was the a former Miss International and the other ones were from people whose agony of a mother is a good source of entertainment.  Au Pijuan asked  the public to pray for the family.

 Aurora Pijuan 

Goodnight tweeps! Lets say a prayer for the Revilla family... they are going thru a very painful time. one dead, one jailed, one fugitive.

One commenter who may be a little starlet (notice the redundancy) expressed her enjoyment of reading the news while another took a jab of the physical attribute of the mother Genalyn by insinuating that if she is a lechon, he will not even dare to taste her. 

I do not know the fuss about the change in testimony of Ramona. It has always been the reminders to the police in the Law and Order police authority by the DA office to get testimonies which would fly because even the self-confession can be thrown out as evidence. 

I am not sure if we have the Miranda Law but it seems all testimonies and interrogations were made without the presence of a lawyer.

Why fret if the statement  was done with the help of a lawyer. That is precisely what they are  being paid for. Their assistance ensures that even suspect' rights are not violated. 

Why would a broadsheet make it a headline that it is all over when Ramona fled? Is the case already solved or closed? 

 Was there a hold departure order issued by the Court? If Ramona is not coming back, is it the authorities' fault that she was not charged within some given time so that her flight risk is minimized. 

I am not a a lawyer and Attorney Google gave me these distinctions between restimony and perjury under Philippines Law
Did Ramona perjure herself just what like his half-sibling senator declared?

False testimony is given in the course of a judicial proceeding and contemplates an actual trial where judgement of conviction or acquittal is rendered and not merely a preliminary investigation.  On the other hand, perjury is any willful and corrupt assertion of falsehood on a material matter under oath and not given in judicial proceedings.  It may be committed even during a preliminary investigation as well as in the making of a false affidavit under oath on a material matter when required by law.

Genalyn is mistaken that Bong Revilla is already posturing  for the year 2013. He has to take care of his stance on the case lest his Ang Panday 2 movie whose hero is a symbol of justice will be judged by the viewers come Metro Manila Film Festival negatively.

I bet if his children will be in trouble, he will not hesitate to use his power too.

With people all focused on the Revilla case:
1. the teleserye of a celebrity couple was forgotten temporarily;
2. the  "separation threat drama series" of a CE (cosmetically enhanced) wife of a global celebrity is also temporarily shelved together with her expensive bags;
3. the concert of a recently estranged couple did not see a lot of publicity.

Ang makuleet lang talaga at KSP ay ang tungkol sa isang dating beauty queen na gusto sa kaniya ang huling salita. Tseh.



Silver said...

Hello Ms. Cat,

Ngayon lang ako nakabalik sa blog mo at sa buladasphere. Dami na namang nangyayari.

Naging busy lang lately sa pag-aaral ng kabaliwan. :D

Buti naman at nakakapagblog ka pa. Ako e medyo matumal na. Kasalanan ni Facebook eto. Haha.

Anyway, regarding sa mga Revilla, nakakaumay na manuod ng balita. Sila na lang ng sila eh. Tsk.



cathy said...

kung anong mabentang balita, yon ang kanilang tinutukan, hinihimay. buti nga hindi pa naghahanap ng mga maiinterview na mga kamag-anak na nagcecertifiy of good or moral character.