Saturday, November 26, 2011

I lied

Dear insansapinas,

 In my previous blog, I implied that I did not rejoice the news that a former friend of mine was losing her house due to foreclosure. I LIED. Being human made me feel that I have every reason  of feeling triumphant for the perceived payback of my friend's wrongdoing which made me fall into depression for years.

I can not say it is schadenfreude . It is more of retribution. She destroyed my career; she made me lost my self-esteem  by allowing me to believe that my work did not meet the boss' expectations.That I am losing it--that of being an efficient and conscientious corporate slave.

It is also my fault to harbor such feeling. To believe her about myself. I had forgotten that there were bigger BUMPS that came my way and I was able to hurdle them. The people involved were more powerful and yet I never said die or give up.

Last night, I realized what I had become, Kahit na ang kantang SAPAGKAT KAMI AY TAO LAMANG is not a justification for me to gloat on my friend's ill fortune. I guessed, I am not a candidate for  being a saint.

Wala pa pala akong halo.  mhahahaha.


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