Monday, November 28, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

Once Upon a time, there was a princess. She fell in love madly with a  prince charming. The relationship was said to be doomed from the start because the princess felt that the prince does not behave like a good boy friend should.

There had been rumors that they are already separated but in the kingdom, separation should be certified authentic by the publicity office which claims exclusive and explosive interview of the parties concerned by a host who pretends to think before asking question when in fact, it is already scripted.

Yesterday, there was an interview done but there was nothing new that was discussed. The most awaited moment of truth did not come. The palace should protect the other party. He is also one of their royalties. What was implied in the interview was that the princess can no longer bear heartache of knowing that his prnce is really her FAIRY godmother. Baka nag-agawan sila ng pink undies.

May pag-asa na naman si Biyay.


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