Saturday, November 05, 2011

That's Entertainment Again

Dear insansapinas,

Revilla murder case
We are being entertained by the media again by exploiting the Revilla murder case to trial by publicity.
What happens to the maxim, innocent until proven guilty? 
What is this business of calling a stay-at-home mother a parasite after giving birth to nine children? I am not saying that the suspects are not guilty but the court has to prove the guilt without reasonable doubt before they passed on judgement. Di ba naman sila judge eh.

The ACDC (Attack/Collect/Defend/Collect)  entertainment writers are on the attack again. We all know that Charice was not supported by the father since she was three years old. According to Charice, he has fallen into bad company and vice.

Is it Charice' responsibility to provide for his father's support just because she has the means? What if the relatives did not like her to be associated with the father. There was news that they did not want Charice to use Pempengco as her last name.

Sabihin na nilang plasticada, at least, she paid for the funeral and the relatives simply kept quiet.


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