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Date with a Cancer Patient

Dear insansapinas,

Nauuso ngayon dito na kasama sa bucket list lalo ng mga may sakit na cancer ang magwish na makadate ang celebrity. Isa dito ay ang cancer patient na ito.
Inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's portrayal of a cancer sufferer in the heartwarming film "50/50," a 26-year-old woman who's battling cancer in real life made a video asking the actor to go on a date with her.
According to her:
"OK, I admit: It's ridiculous," Miller said. "And it feels like I'm making a big leap from being an anonymous cancer 'liver' a few months ago to now starring in my own video. But, life is short. So, why not?"
Nag-isip akong bigla. Ano kaya magwish din ako. Pero wala na yong gusto kong makadate. Isa pa hindi ako marunong makipagdate. Uyyy.

Wala na si Gil Grissom ng CSI. hahahaha. Hindi ko na siya paborito mula nang magasawa siya kay Sarah Sidle (Jorja Fox). Si Jethro ng NCIS ang paborito ko ngayon kaya lang napakaisnabero naman, Nambabatok pa.

A few years ago, I looked for a way to grant the wish of a boy  named Pyro, the nephew of a friend/blogger who was dying of cancer. He wanted to see a wrestler, Batista. I documented these with entries in the Now What, Ca t?  I have to write the newspapers here in the US to ask help. It was his website administrator who responded and I did not know that he also lives in DC with a Filipina wife. 

After using some contacts in the network in the Philippines, ABS CBN ignored my request. It was Jessica Soho who helped the boy fulfill his promise. I did not care if I was nor given credit. He died in December.

This was my entry on Sept. 19, 2006.
Dear mouse,
If you have watched Shawshank Redemption you should know that Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins)had written two hundred letters before he received a favorable response from the addressees. I can not do that, I will be labeled spammer.

But I did write many people regarding pyro’s wish. I sent e-mails to the following:
1. Washington Post ( Batista and family are from Washington DC). A computer generated reply was sent to me that the letter is sent to people who may be able to act on it but there is no assurance.

2. Philippines News
The columnists, Rodil Rodis, Ludy Ongkeko, Beting Largo and Cristina Pastor are active in the Bay Area’s Filipino communities. The newspaper is well read by Filipinos who may know the family of the Fil-Greek wrestler whose wife is also a Filipina.

3. Benjamin Pimentel
A blogger and a news anchor in the Bay Area’s US Balita, he is also a correspondent of SF chronicle that features stories of human interest.

4. Asian Journal is a Philippine newspaper in the USA
5. BBC -Well, if they can feature stuff such as the height of a smurf and feedback from young generations, why can’ they not feature a picture of a small boy sick of cancer with a simple wish?
As of now, I have no feedback which made me think, what is newsworthy or worthy to be published? I have not received daemon mails so I presumed that the e-mails must have been received. Must be those thousands which were not read?
In the local media (Phils) my e-mail was forwarded to ABS-CBN news department (courtesy of Ian del Carmen) but I do not know if somebody cared to read it but a news about pregnancy of a popular host made a breaking news in a daily online-newspaper. Retz contacted some of the people he knew in the broadcast media but no words yet.
One reader of Batjay, leah
wrote the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and the The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Chris Greicius Awards.

To those whom I have e-mailed and those who have read the blogs but did not respond to join the blog brigade, I am assuming that you just do not find this cause, blogworthy?
Am I to believe that bloggers bond only when they come to the rescue of a beleaguered fellow blogger who needed some emotional boost?
Am I to believe that wishing to see a favorite wrestler is “baduy” for a three year old kid and therefore is not blogworthy ?
So I appreciate those who took time out from their regular blog programming to help spread the news.
, brownpau, titorolly , tambay , rickey, (see his sidebar) expectorants
,blogging bugs, my life.. a cup of deja brew
luchie of Singapore
Angel Viloria
,Retz (see his photoshopped pic of pyro and batista), leahmumfordlang ,linnorand jaypee.

If you have blogged and you wish your name to be included in the list, just write in the comments box. It works. May kasabihan, ang walis tingting, mas matibay kung hindi magkakahiwalay. This is not also the time for playing anonymous because numbers count.

Even if you are not a blogger, you can help by contacting any person who you think can help us spread the news, offer prayers for pyro or simply visit pyro’s site (maintained by his aunt MEC to leave comforting words to the family.
The Ca t

Entry for the meeting of Batista and Pyro

Pyro joined his Creator

A year after, I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Miraculously, it disappeared in 2008 only to come back in 2010 as another form of liver cancer.  Makikipagdate din ba ako? Toinkzz

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