Thursday, November 03, 2011

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.-Isaac Asimov

Dear insansapinas,

Almost all TV series deal with the spirit of Halloween this whole week. In the latest episode of Criminal Minds, the UNSUB (suspect) has three months to live. His blood cancer is back. Then dead bodies started to float in the lake. Drowned and resuscitated and drowned again.

The suspect was killing the victims by drowning them and bringing them back to life. Every time the victim became conscious, he asked them what he saw in the afterlife. 

It turned out that the suspect was a victim of abuse by his father and was buried alive when he was 16. He lived and came back to kill his father. Because of his age and the abuse that he suffered  he was not punished by the court. However he  was afraid to die to meet his father again. Silly as the plot maybe, but the reaction of those whose death is imminent is to ask if there is really afterlife, specifically hell.

Although many of those who experienced NDE talked about the light, it does not necessarily mean that all who died have seen it.

My great grandmother who was about to be buried when she came back to life narrated that she found herself walking in a narrow path fringed with thorny plants  until she came to a man with the big book of Life ( hindi pa automated noon siguro, mwehehehe). The lights she had seen emanated from millions of candle which each representing an individual. Hers was still long so hindi pa niya oras.

My friend who flatlined in an operating room saw himself slipped from his own mortal body, hovered to see the doctors tried to save him and saw Ninoy smiling as one of his welcoming parties. He lived and according to a common friend has a new wife.

The spirit who died from falling from a hotel was scared. All around him was darkness. 

My father must have travelled from the hospital to kiss us before he  left this world momentarily. I said momentarily because he was always with us especially during troubled times.

My grandfather must have planned it all along that right after his death he would  smack me for being naughty. hahahaha

There is only one that people share in these times--faith. 


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