Monday, September 19, 2011

Unhappy Thoughts

Dear insansapinas,
Been depressed for the last few days since I read about the death of Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of the former US Vice-President. She died of brain cancer after battling it for six years. She was as old as the late daughter of the late Ted Kennedy, Kara who did not die of her lung cancer which was diagnosed to be inoperable since 2002. She died of heart attack while doing health exercises.

I read another article where a  mother and daughter both  with cancer do not give up. They had remission three times. They are being treated with chemotherapy and stem cells. 

Like the other cancer patients, they have this question for God:
“My first prayer was ‘God, what have I done wrong?’ I know God was leading me to Job. Job had done nothing wrong. God was putting us somewhere he needed us to be.”

I personally did not question God (or did I). Although my mother died of cancer, I am still wondering if it is genetic and I am convinced it is since, I do not drink, I have no hepatitis and I did not abuse myself with vices which are said to be causes of liver cancer.

After more readings, I found our that there are several cases in the US where both the mother and daughter are afflicted with the dreaded disease. 

Sorry, if I have to write this kind of article. It will be a few days from now when I have to undergo cancer screening again and I have mixed emotions. Naah, I am not afraid to die (erase, erase), the feeling of sadness just comes without having to think about it.



biyay said...

sabi ng isang nabasa ko sa comments section ng isang blog:

"The speed bumps, massive road blocks and detours we take in this life are actually the life itself. Often we hear, ” OMG I couldn’t do that/survive that”. Those of us faced with no other option living in it, did not pick it or want it, we were never offered another option, a door number 2. We battle on, with humor as our defense, laying brick after brick around ourselves with each one liner, while those on the outside never realize we are just barricading ourselves in with those bricks because the world, the life is such a journey that we can not escape un-damaged."

Your sense of humor even in this situation have brought me joy. I can't even think kung paano ko susuklian ang ginawa mo. Have courage. we are praying for you

cathy said...

thanks biyay.

ayoko rin namang tumanda. ayoko pa rin namang lumisan. hinihintay kung magpakasal ang aking anak. sabi siguro ng Diyos, panay ang aking tawad. Noon, makatapos lang ang aking mga anak ok ba, ngayon naman extension na naman. siguro buset na siya sa akin. minsan nagpapadala ng thunderstorm sa may bintana. saka isa pa hindi pa ako nanalo sa miss universe. bwahaha.

cathy said...

" while those on the outside never realize we are just barricading ourselves in with those bricks because the world, the life is such a journey that we can not escape un-damaged."

very true, nababasa mo nga ang personality ko. minsan pag nagpapatawa ako, para aliwin ang sarili ko. ayokong magkaroon ng wrinkles at ayokong mastress.

kaya noong inilabas ko yong mga answers ng mga beauty candidates, I did not mean to ridicule them. I just like to laugh.

biyay said...

gusto mong matawa? etong nangyari minsan sa korte:
lawyer: mr. witness, did the accused have a gun with him?
interpreter: may dalang baril ang akusado?
witness: wala po syang dalang baril.
interpreter (turning to the lawyer: he was armless..

eto pa same interpreter
lawyer: how did he fall on the ground? on his back or on his face?
witness: yung mukha po nya nakaharap sa lupa.
interpreter: he fell down dog-style!

cathy said...

hahahaha, sarap ikulong yong interpreter.