Thursday, September 08, 2011

Typhoon watching can be tourism attraction NOT

Dear insansapinas,

For days now, the East is soaked due to downpour brought by Hurricane (typhoon for you unlearned Tagalog speaking kababayans).
Buti na lang cancelled yong doctor's appointment ko.

Here, where even a not so heavy rain is considered a threat to safety due to flashflood it may bring or flooding due to overflowing of creek, having typhoon is not at all COOL. Here, where storm watch and storm alerts are livestreamed to warn people NOT TO ATTEMPT DRIVING even in  shallow-looking pool of water, people stayed indoors. And oh avoid staying near windows because lightning may strike once.  YES VIRGINIA, someone is going to INFORM you   that small pool of water when raining is dangerous, that the car driver in the Philippines whose car floated in a body of water because nobody informed him would have no cause to complain.

So hurricane or typhoon brings disaster and looking at it as attraction reminds me to feed my brain with brain food. Di abot ng level ng aking intelligence. (meron va?) Di ko GETZ ang sinabi ng bagong Tourism secretary: 

Typhoon watching can be tourism attraction - Jimenez

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