Monday, September 05, 2011

Mga Hayup Talaga

Dear insansapinas,
Giant crocodile captured in Agusan. 

It is really a crocodile Virginia. It is not wearing uniform and encashing pension checks.



 Babu took pictures of these ants whose abdomens changed with the color of what they ingested. They got transparent abdomens.

I hope there is also transparency in the government. Take this news:

There is nothing sinister or fascist about it but simply “good governance at work.’’
This was how Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Monday defended the executive branch’s bid to move the funds for unfilled positions in government into another fund in the proposed 2012 national budget.
Florencio was reacting to Sen. Joker Arroyo’s assertion that “evil geniuses’’ were behind the drafting of a provision in the proposed budget that would allow the Office of the President to take the savings of judicial, legislative and constitutional bodies amounting to over P101 million under the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefit Funds (MPBF).
In a statement, Abad said the executive branch was taking this move to segregate the funds for unfilled positions of the Constitutional and Fiscal Autonomy Group (CFAG) into the MPBF so as to “introduce greater transparency and accountability in fiscal management to correct an irregular practice in the past that had been the source of diversion and conversion of public funds.’’

Animals that are learned

Dear James Soriano, 
You do not need  English as your mother tongue in order to learn. Even animals are capable of transmitting novel learned behavior from one generation to the next which may be considered a trait unique to humans. 

Japanese macaques
Pinipintahan ko pa ang baraha parekoy.

A study of Japanese macaques in the 1940s by animal researcher Kinji Imanishi was the first instance where the word “culture” was used to describe animal behavior. Thus, these monkeys were essentially the first animals ever acknowledged as having culture. Imanishi's study was particularly revelatory because it traced a specific behavior, in this case the act of washing potatoes before eating them, from its origin as a novel invention through several generations of transmission.
Anong latest sa wikileaks, mare?

Parrots are among the most intelligent animals on the planet, and most species are also highly social and exhibit complex social behavior. In particular, their ability to imitate is impressive, as any owner of a loud parrot would contest ("Hello!").

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