Monday, September 12, 2011

Favoritism, Sucking Up and Promotion

Dear insansapinas,

A survey conducted by a school of business found that 93 per cent of those polled said that there is favoritism in the workplace and 84 percent admitted that they have it in their companies.

The survey is not needed to find out if there is really favoritism in the corporate world. It exists but is not talked about in the water cooler not unless the favorite exhibits some attitude as if he or she is an extension of the boss. The corporate slaves are afraid that there are  "corporate spies" who are looking for traitors to the administrator. They keep their mouth shut. 

It is not surprising therefore to find octopi in the same organization--they sucked up to become one of the most privileged. They laugh at the corny jokes of the boss and they compliment even the ugly dress that makes she-boss  fat or the he-boss like someone who has just been out of bed and forgot to change his pjs.

Demoralization comes after evaluation as promotions or salary increases are recommended and made effective. The favorites who have no accomplishments to show are oftentimes the ones who get the kick up to ladder. Thanks to the patron. The worst is if you know that the employee is sleeping with the male boss to earn the privilege. 

Wala kang laban. 

In one corporate organization that I joined, I was suspected to be the boss' favorite. Their eye-brow raising question was " ano raw ang nakita sa akin". Ibig sabihin, I am not the trophy mistress type. I was just a plain Jane with an obsession for work. Pero talaga mas maganda ako doon sa mistress. ARAY. Huwag mo lang akong titingnan ng sideways.

The real apple of the eye was a  newcomer in our organization who was a graduate of the state university but she lacked the hands on experience and her background is not finance. When the boss asked me to tag her along, I got that funny feeling that I was being made to baby-sit her and also act as if I were a throw pillow which they can use as a cover.  He asked me to teach her the rudiments of the business and get some clients too. Ang alam ko natuto siyang magbusiness-- magbenta ng pahulugan (drop-drop) na mga damit. When she was with me, wala naman akong maibigay sa kaniyang trabaho. Instead of wasting my time teaching her and get wrong results later, I just did even the simple tasks  myself. 

Secrets can not be kept forever. The woman became spoiled and thought she could make demands to the staffs if they know the score between her and the boss.  She divulged the secret to the boss' office personnel so that she was justified of hanging out in his office when he is not around. She can also get facts about his  whereabouts. The staffs intimated to me that masahol sa tunay. But I was glad that their suspicion about me was proven wrong.

My boss and I never discussed about her. He knew that I know. When we talked, it was all about business--his instructions, his expectations and the deadlines. She started to become insecure.  She can not afford to become jealous. Sasapatusin ko siya ng sapatos kung gawa sa Marikina. To impress to me that my boss was determined to keep her for good, she  narrated to me even their bedtime stories. Patay malisya naman ako. Nakocorrupt ang virgin ears ko. 

Then she said that she was already asking the boss to give her a house. In the work place, she was throwing her weights around outside my boss' office. Pati driver ginagamit na niya. 

I know the missus but I thought it was a personal thing between her and the husband. It was one of the staffs, a favorite also of the boss because she was very reliable when it comes to work  who inadvertently blew the whistle.

The missus was decent enough not to make a confrontation but she started interviewing people, me included. But she could not ask me directly. She became visible in all the organization's social activities which required the attendance of the family members of the executives. She was a professional herself and was also busy in her circle of friends.

Meanwhile, my boss started drifting away from the "favorite"  but in a subtle way. He paved the way for the woman to meet a younger man. At first the "favorite" did not get the idea that she was being "eliminated" from the scene. I empathized with her, na ang kasalanan lang naman ay umibig. Later she relented thinking that she can make the boss jealous. But she was wrong. She had to go. My boss had  a reputation to protect and a family that he can not afford to hurt.

In one of her dates, the woman met an expat. Isang gabi lang hindi na niya pinakawalan. I was one of the sponsors of the simple wedding.  At that same time, she was given a pink slip. 


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