Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lea Salonga's Question-Dumbest?

Dear insansapinas,

First, the question was not written by Lea Salonga and the columnist knew about it so she is not personally criticizing her.

But it turns out the question wasn't Salonga's. On Twitter, her fans wanted to know why she asked such a thing.
Salonga tweeted that she did not write the question. "All our questions are pre-written and each judge is assigned one. Luck of the draw," Salonga tweeted.
Ravitz is directing her remark and question to the Miss Universe honcho man, Donald Trump.

I agree with the writer that indeed this is a dumb question to be asked in a beauty pageant. Whoever wrote this should be given the bad news, You're Fired.

But then, I heard this question already asked in the previous Miss Universe pageants, pre-Donald Trump days. So this was a recycled question. 

These were the days when people did not know that a certain Latin country was "producing" Miss Universe candidates by subjecting them to cosmetic surgeries to correct body imperfections. YES VIRGINIA, binabawasan ang ilong, liniliposuction ang kaunting tabang baka lumaylay at pinapuputi ang mga discolored skin pigments. 

Kaya pag tinanong sila which part of the body they did not like, NADA is the answer kasi wala na eh. 

Sino ba naman ang aamin na may imperfection sila, eh di naging conscious ang mga judges instead na hindi napapansin.

Sino bang beauty columnisst ang aamin na nagpapacosmetic surgery sila to maintan the youthful looks and then they have the NERD (Melanism) to give the readers some beauty tips to avoid wrinkles when cosmetic procedures made banat of their sagging skin? 

In fact, the question asked to Miss Angola is the easiest. The only available answer is NO. 

What other answer is possible? That she does not like her nose. It will take a lot of explanations. In contests like that, the shorter and direct the answer is the better. The advice, "respect one another" for me is an insult, giving an impression that people are not polite to each other. Spread love and understanding is far better but I am not a Miss Universe material. When I stopped growing  vertically and started expanding horizontally when I was in the first year, I said to myself, there goes my dream of becoming a beauty contestant. Argh

EARTH To pinay, time for nap. Take your meds too. 


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