Friday, September 09, 2011

Driving is hazardous to the health of your dog

Dear insansapinas,
Before  my mother-in-law celebrated her 75th birthday, she received a notice from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) to renew her license (usually, it is mailed to you after paying the corresponding fee) by taking written  and vision tests. 

According to  regulations, drivers age 70 and older at the time their license expires must appear in person to renew it. A written test and vision test are required, and the DMV makes sure that they can compensate for any physical condition that might affect their driving, such as poor vision, loss of a limb, early stages of dementia and so on.

This is what happened to the 84 year old driver who hit Reese Witherspoon while jogging. The Legally Blonde star decided not to pursue a case against the driver since she is elderly. 

Have you experienced following elderly drivers? Ay ayaw ko ng magsalita. Ito na lang aso ang tanungin ninyo.
The black standard poodle of my MIL (SLN na rin) was well behaved. Even when we had a car accident, she was just calm and poised. I did not have the opportunity to observe her eyes though. 

pic forwarded by bayi.

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