Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Porscha Ocho -The Case of Government Plate

Dear insansapinas,

rock-paper-scissor handgame

What would you feel if you are about to confront a person with a high government protocol plate? In a luxury car?
For the UNLEARNED, like us  because our mother tongue is not English, these are the : 

Protocol/High-ranking government plates

These plates are blue D or DD plates reserved for the top government officials of the Republic of the Philippines.
  • 1/PANGULO - President
  • 2 - Vice President
  • 3 - Senate President
  • 4 - Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • 5 - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • 6 - Cabinet Secretaries
  • 7 - Senators
  • 8 - Representatives (Congressmen)
  • 9 - Associate Justices of the Supreme Court
  • 10 - Presiding Justice and other Justices of the Court of Appeals, Solicitor General (President Arroyo abolished the OSG's protocol plate number '13' by virtue of Executive Order No. 400-A)
  • 11 - Chairman of the Commission on Elections
  • 12 - Cabinet Undersecretary
  • 14 - Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines and Chief, Philippine National Police
  • 16 - Regional Trial Court Judges
  • 17 - First Level Courts (Metropolitan Trial Court, Municipal Trial Court, Municipal Trial Court in Cities and Shari'ah Circuit courts), added by Memorandum Order No. 297 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on March 2, 2009

What has this to do with today's blog?

Congressman denies beating up Technohub guard

“I was just asking if there was space [for my car], but he didn’t reply and acted as if he didn’t hear anything. His companion asked him to check the plate number at the back of the car, and responded ‘[Shit], 8.’
“I ignored him and proceeded to the parking area, and then he followed me and asked me if the 8 was a government plate, and I said it was a protocol plate.”
Pangandaman said he didn’t even introduce himself as a congressman.(OBVIOUS NA BANG CONGRESSMAN SIYA DAHIL SA OCHO? KAILANGAN PA BANG SABIHIN? ) 

“I told him what seems to be the problem? I’d been asking you that since way back and you weren’t even responding. To my surprise I saw him drawing his gun. As fast as I could I tried to stop him and hit him with the newspaper I was holding.”(FAST DRAWER DIN PALA SIYA. PERO DI BA NIYA ALAM NA KAHIT SA ROCK, PAPER,  SCISSORS handgame, TALO ANG PAPER SA  GUNTING, SA BARIL PA KAYA? Pero nanalo siya dahil bumagsak ang guardiya sa palo niya ng paper, may BATO KAYANG NAKABALOT SA PAPEL?)

The security guard had another story to tell. He said Pangandaman refused to submit his car for inspection, but instead alighted and scolded him and asked him if he knew what the plate number 8 meant.( ANO KAYA AMG TANONG NIYA? Marunong ka bang magbilang. Ocho yan, ocho).


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