Saturday, September 10, 2011

Human Rights, Animal Rights and Crocodile Tears

Dear insansapinas,
Pardon me if I suddenly dropped my intelligence quotient to the floor. Muntik ko pang matapakan kong di ako natapilok. Ahek.

Esssplain to me please, which is more important, human lives  or animal lives ? And this is because animals have rights too?

I would have raised a howl  if these are some harmless pets or wild animals that do not eat people for dinner and yet human beings torture them for fun.

I am talking about the demands of PETA to free the monster croc.

MANILA, Philippines - An animal rights group on Friday urged local officials to free a 21-foot-long giant crocodile in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur following news that the reptile is not eating while in captivity.
Ashley Fruno, senior campaigner for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific, said news of the monster croc's capture is sad for those who believe in compassion for animals.

Don't these people know that crocs and wild animals may not eat for a long time after big dinner. Ibig nilang sabihin, nagtatampo si buwaya or emotionally blackmailing the people who are holding it in captivity.

COMPASSION? Naawa ba ang crocodile nang kinain nito ang mga taong pinaghihinalaan nilang naging biktima nito?

Things you may want to know about crocs:
  • There is some evidence which suggests that one species of crocodile may live for over 100 years (although the average is 70 years).
  • Crocodiles are a danger to humans as they can strike them quickly before a person can react.
  • Crocodile meat is eaten in some countries (and in parts of the United States). The meat is higher in cholesterol than other meat and has a lovely flavor (similar to chicken and crab meat).
  The farm crocodile (bakit ito di nila protestahan) sells its crocodile meat mostly to Japanese,, a Chinese friend told me).
Last night, I watched UNCUT and UNTAMED (am not sure of the channel) where the ORCAs scared a crabeating seal to death just to teach a young ORCA how to catch dinner and enjoy the process at the same time. 

Ano kaya ang maramdaman nila kung ang kamag-anak nila ang ginawang "steak" ng buwayang iyan. 

Crocodile tears ba ang iluluha nila?


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