Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And the Winner is -Kinesics and Translators

Dear insansapinas,
Miss Angola-Miss Universe 2011

If the basis of the judging of Miss Universe winner is the right answer to the question posed by the judges, the winners should be the translators. Di va?

Among the five finalists, it was our candidate who did not pause  for a long time to give her response to the question of Vivica Fox. . The other finalists, bought time by making that long greeting before the answer (it may be required to promote the country) and thought of coming up with adding some more statements when they observed that the translators had produced only a few words from what they think was already a sensible answer. You should have focused on the candidates' faces when they were looking at the translators who seemed to be waiting for more.  Talking about kinesics.

And the winner is...

The answer of Shamcey reflected what we have been taught in our religion; to love God above all things.
The judges may not have appreciated this since they are not Filipino Catholics. I said Filipino because not all Catholics in the world are the same.  I was aghast by the side remarks of one of the anchorladies. First she commented on the way the Filipinos  showed support to their kababayans and then that remark about Shamcey's response to Vivica's question.

In our country we  take the difference in religion seriously because of the church wedding and the bringing up of children. There may be ecumenical marriages already but parents prefer that their  future-in laws to be  in the same faith.

Oftentimes, the problems start when children are old enough to observe their Sunday's obligation. Which church are they going to attend? Who is going to have a decision on the religion that the children is going to adopt in the future?

There may be one God only but the man-made rules and regulations make a lot of difference.

For God, some people kill for the promised rewards and for God, some marriages are broken and God is said to be love.  I agree with Shamcey, why postpone the problem when it can be avoided by settling it before the wedding.

I was not certified Catholic when I got married so the priest required me to be baptized. My father was a Catholic; my mother was an Aglipayan who converted to Catholicism. Anyway, the two religious sects observe the same principles, rules and regulations, well almost except that their priests do not practice celibacy.

My second husband was a Jew. When I told him, I am a Catholic, he said it is alright, he is not a practicing Jew anyway. Besides here in the US, even the wedding in casino is legal. Kung nabigla ka lang magpakasal, isugal mo siya at magpatalo ka. hehehe


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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

deserving manalo ang Ms. Angola.......gaya ng sabi ko..ang pagpili ng miss universe ay hindi nakasalalay sa question and answer lamang.....dapat pa ngang magpasalamat kasi kahit paano ay naka place ang ating bansa kahit madami ang kasali...