Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Vision and Kuliglig

Dear insansapinas,
I start  my daily routine by reading the news early morning. Nothing has changed really. When I was in the Philippines and the tsikiting gubats were still in their K-10 education, there was no internet yet. I read the news from the newspapers while waiting for my tsikiting gubats to leave for school. After my boy tsikiting gubat had waved goodbye (he refused to kiss me when he was alread past seven years old. the boys would tease him daw) to join his school bus chums, I usually go back to bed to catch some more zzzzzzz before I take my breakfast.

Now, I still wake up early, read the news from the internet and go back to bed. 

This morning, I got tired of sitting down (nakakapagod umupo, di va?) while waiting for the morning news from the different network channels. There was a storm in the East Coast and luckily we just experienced a little rain. 

I fell asleep. In my dream, I was standing in the middle of the road. I saw people coming to my direction but were walking  past me. I tried to ask one of them where the road is leading to. The young woman did not bother to answer. The people were  looking at the same direction. I did not turn around to see what it was attracting them. One thing I noticed was that the road seemed to be divided into two lanes. The bigger portion of the lane was elevated  by a few meters than the other lane which was also narrower in width.

There were no cars and other forms of vehicle. Not even a kuliglig.

 Then I remembered. Nagwelga pala ang mga kuliglig drivers.  Aikkk.
photocredit:obvious ba?

Batuhan na ng mga tsinelas.

Totoo talaga ang dream or more of a vision of life beyond ? 


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