Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pain, errors and backscratchers

Dear insansapinas,

I would like to write about the errors in the Philippine peso bills:
1. which banished the Batanes Islands from the Archipelago. Hindi na yan 7,100 islands. Duh
2. where they moved the Tubbataha  Reef  400 kilometers away from its original location; (ano kayang ginawa nila, hinila yong island where the reefs are located? )
3. where blue-naped parrot, with its red beak incorrectly rendered in yellow and the tail feathers underneath coloured green instead of yellow.(alam naman nating yellow now is the national color but why paint the red beak to yellow? 

I would like to write about the reshuffling of the data encoders who  erroneosuly included names of people in the top list of taxpayers but I snooze everytime, I touch the keyboard while the question  why punish the encoders was swimming in my brain ? Where are the immediate superiors who should check the list before it was released in the press?

Normal reaction when you're checking is your brow ridge become entangled when you see unfamiliar names. Sino sha? Then you ask for the background of these people. No problem with Revillame, nakapublished sa broadsheet at tabloid ang kinikita niya.

I would  like to write that Pnoy did not have a date on the premiere night of the movie of DALAW, the movie of Kris Aquino. Earlier Kris said that whoever date his brother will bring in the premiere night ay SIYANANGA. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I would also like to comment on the headline...mall puno ng mga shoppers...Tural. Silly. Alangan namang mapuno yong ng mga hayup. But I am too sleepy to write.I was operating on a three hour sleep.   I did not sleep well last night. I got back pain. I had to find out what causing the pain. I hauled my lazy body out of bed and straightened out the comforter. 

RATS...It was my back scratcher. Toinkkk.

I was looking for it before I hit the bed. Nailaliman pala ng isa pang blanket. My back scratcher reminds me of 
my past life particularly the Meeting of People made from Tupperware Materials. Yon bang Plastic. Before the meeting, there were the usual beso-beso and how-nice-naman-is-your-dress/ or I-love-your-hair-do/did-you-lose-weight compliments. 

During the meeting, dagger-looks and scathing words were exchanged. Staring Contest yielded no winners.  There were two groups in the meeting in hell, the Scratch-my-back-and-I will-scratch-yours--the scratcher and scratchee (is there such a word).


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