Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Divine Justice ?

Dear insansapinas,

Dear insansapinas,
When an accused walks, it does not mean that he is not guilty. Either he got a top hotshot lawyers or the CSI did not do their jobs to make the evidence proved the guilt without reasonable doubt.-LO

I had just watched a rerun of the Law and Order where an accused was allowed to defend himself. He was guilty of the crime but he was able to seduce the lady head of the jury who convinced the other jurors of the innocence of the man on trial . He was acquitted. It did not take him weeks to dump the lady juror.  The scorned lady approached the DA and confessed everything. She asked for a retrial. Days after, the police were summoned to a crime scene.  The Lady juror killed the man she freed. She was not convicted. It was a self-defense. He attempted to silence her.

Divine Justice? 

Nineteen years ago, I was in my car listening to the morning news. I was meeting a friend of mine, the Alabang Girl who before moving to Ayala Alabang lived in BF Homes, a few houses away from the Viscondez'.

The news was about a Paranaque police who burned the bedsheets of the Viscondez victims of gruesome murder...because according to him, they're going to stink. 

When  my friend and I were seated in a Lugawan for a  late breakfast, I mentioned to her that it was stupidity to burn the evidence. Didn't he know that? I asked. One thing that I remembered in her remark was," it is better to look stupid than to impress a suspicious intent in the burning." Then we talked about the case.  I formed an opinion not based on the tabloids and sensationalized news reporting.

When  I migrated to the United States, I learned so many things that people in the Philippines would not know. I was still following up the case.

You can get a driver license for less than 200 dollars, Social security card for 150 dollars and green card for 2,000 dollars. They're counterfeits but  can pass off as genuine as they were being used by illegals for finding jobs. 

That was in the 1990's.

After 2000, the driver's license features a hologram. In the driver's license, there were two pics. Sabi nga nila, isa mother at isa ang anak. 

The INS strictly implemented the requirement for  employers  to verify the Social Security Number of the applicants to check their immigration status. Illegals have as many as SSNs  which they need for their W-2s. IRS won't mind if you're illegal as long as you're paying taxes. Criminal elements know that. If you can not be nailed down of your crime against humanity, the authorities can send you to prison to rot for your crime against the Treasury- a simple case of tax evasion. Ask Eliott Ness or Al Capone.

Getting a new driver's license in many urban places in the United States became more difficult as they asked for legal documentations, unlike in the 1990's when all they require is the Social Security card which can be issued for people with a warning that the SS card can not be used for employment purposes. In more remote counties, the DMV were not as strict. May be because, there were not a lot of applicants. 

IF you have the right connection, you can also acquire new passports.

I know of a Filipino whose passport was full  of different countries immigration arrivals/departures' stamps despite the fact that he had been only to one foreign country before he joined the TNT group in the US. Don't ask me how he did it. He won't tell you even if you bribe him. 

One thing people should know is that when you buy something from a store, they don't give you the usual receipt that you receive in the Philippine where the name of the payee is handwritten.

From a small store, an  electronic  cash register tape represents the official receipt. From a big store particularly electronic, a computer generated invoice is issued at the POS.

What am I driving at?

 If you have seen an evidence, you will know what I am talking about. 
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