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Dolphy, Chiquito at iba pang Komedyante sa Pilipinas-Huwag mo akong Patawanin Part 2

Dear insansapinas,
Ito ang part 2 ng mga komedyanteng naging populat dsa Pilipinas mula noong1930. Mababasa ang part 1 DITO. 


BERT "TAWA" MARCELO who was known for his distinctive laughter was born in Baliwag Bulacan on June 6, 1936. His parents were Jose and Alejandra Marcelo. He grew up with nine siblings selling hog meat in the public market

He was popuilar for his San Miguel beer commercial, Magbeer muna tayo.

Marcelo was at the peak of his career when he suffered a fatal stroke, shortly after losing the 1995 gubernatorial election for the province of Bulacan.

2. LOPITO – The original male co-host of Patsy of Tawag ng Tanghalan. He's an actor, a director and a choreographer. he hailed from Bicol. He died at the peak of his career in 1966.


Patsy Mateo of Tawag ng Tanghalan fame. Lopito. Patsy Patsosay was always a hit when she starts blabbering in Kapamampangan. 
She died half a year after the death of Pugo, who was her Tawag ng Tanghalan co-host and screen husband in Wanted: Boarders and My Son, My Son.


Amparo Custodio (1922–199?), better known as Chichay, is a Filipino comedian and a contract star of Sampaguita Pictures where she made almost 2 decades.

Her partner in duo comedy is Tolindoy. She was known as Ginang Milyonarya. She died of natural causes.


Aruray is a popular comedienne whose role was always a maid or a confidant of the leading actress. She appeared mostly in Sampaguita Pictures together with another popular comedienne, Chichay.


Doro de los Ojos – Known for his dilated eyes that gave him his showbiz screen name, he hosted the early afternoon variety show Everyday Holiday on ABS-CBN up to the late '60s. He died in 1981.


Tange's name came from tanga which means stupid. He got his break in the Super Laff-In and as houseboy of Pugo and Patsy.

In the early ’80s, he became sickly and had a minor speech impairment. He died in 1981 a poor man.


He was a famous comedian with his own trademark of hair parted in the middle. He was born in 1931.

A mainstay of Magandang Tanghali, he also starred in Sa Kabukiran and later in Sitak ni Jack.

He died a few years ago.


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