Saturday, December 25, 2010

Controversial Celebrities - How-to-Books for Dummies.

Dear insansapinas,

Kris Aquino 
Aminin na natin Ateh na ang Entertainment at ang Media will never be the same again pag wala ang KRIS AQUINO. Siya ang controversial na wala pang makakatalo kahit sinong celebrity. Noon ang pagbubuntis, ang pagkakaroon ng mga nakakataas na kilay na mga pangyayari ay pinipilit itinatago. Ngayon pinagmamalaki pa ng mga artista na hindi sila magpapakasal kahit sila ay nabuntis na. Hindi na rin nila tinatago na sila ay may mga anak. Totoong tao na sila kagaya ni Krwiss. 

Kaya si Santa Claus ay nagreregalo kay Kris ng sampung HOW-TO- For Dummies books.

1. How to convince your beauty stylist to pretend that she is the new girl of your brother to spite your future-sis-in-law-who-was-dumped for Dummies.

2. How to lose the public sympathy by announcing that you are divorcing the husband and serving the summon at the time he was receiving an award for Dummies
3. How to use the excuse of I am just in the 'hood so I decided to drop by in confronting the text mate of your husband for Dummies.

4. How to get back the threat to migrate to other countries where there is TFC if she becomes a problem of her brother for Dummies.

5. How to steal the nation's  attention from your equally famous  brother by appearing in the talk show with the usual tulo-ng-luha  and pa-awa ek-ek  for Dummies

6. How to recognize that the strategy of shedding buckets of tears no longer move the public for Dummies

7. How to Make  your son campaign  for the rival candidate for Dummies.

8. How to reward celebrity friends who helped in the campaign with plum positions in the government for Dummies.

9. How to Solicit Dates from High Profile Widowed Politician and Media Person for Dummies

10. How to Save Face when a hosted program does not rate for Dummies

Vicky Belo

The controversial cosmetic surgeon who is considered the cougar of all cougars. Ano ang cougar? Yon ata ang nilalagay sa cafe. mwehehe. Ang cougar ay mga babaeng mas preferred ang mga bata sa kanila.

ITo ang regalo ni Santa Claus sa kaniya:

1. How to get invited at the Dancing with the stars with the BF in tow for Dummies.

2. How to Market the Perfume to Deodorize the Image of BF   for Dummies

3. How to Save The BF from Conviction for Dummies

4. How Market the Clinic Thru the Airport Arrival Cards for Dummies

Sharon Cuneta

Lately, nagiging controversial na si Sharon Cuneta dahil sa mga publicities na nakukuha niya.

1. How To Avoid Elbowrubbing with Celebrities in a Wedding of the Year by using malfunctioned gown as an excuse for Dummies.

2. How to Express your Suppressed "Tampo" to an Actor who refused A movie with you for Dummies.

3. How to Ride in a Publicity of two Warring  Young Actresses for Dummies.


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