Thursday, December 09, 2010

Understanding Women

Dear insansapinas,

So tears were streaming down my cheeks although I was not crying.Nahh, I was  not in the kitchen slicing some onions that usually makes my nasolacrimal duct inundated with salty water called tears.

I was not emoting. In fact I was watching a comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen Part 2. My ears were not plugged to the computer playing my favorite music, For the Good Times and I Can See Clearly Now, songs which sometimes make me weepy. Oink.

I do not cry even in my weakest and self-loathing moments. Not even when I was dog-paddling to keep my head above water during lean times. Or when I was being fed to the crocodiles by my trusted colleagues in the professional world of number crunchers. 

Could it be that the body is reacting without emotional stimulation from the hypothalamus or other part of the brain? Eh alam naman ng marami na taongbato raw ako.

Phone rang. My friend. He is in the Philippines right now waiting for his wedding . He was the one who asked me to put a period in his adventure of looking for the right woman. Didn't I tell you that he was the one who told me how to use the soft drinks dispensing machine without the bill... oops. We cemented our friendship because of our mutual contempt towards our former boss. There were days when we did nothing but to talk about her.  Panay nga ang tapilok. Kulang na lang dalhin sa orthopedic.

He was my former office mate and he became my uncompensated internet adviser slash computer fixer slash unofficial escort when our common friends sent us gold-gilded invitations so we can contribute to their nesteggs during their weddings. "Parang please omit gifts. We prefer cash, theme". 

After the downsizing and laying off galore in the US, he decided to go home to take care of their properties back home. And also to look for a wife.  And now, at last he is going to be married next year. I told him I may not be able  to witness it. Siyempre, layo noong Pinas. That's what his fiancee requested --to be married in the Pilipinas Kay Ganda Koh. Syempre para sa isang babae, it is a dream come true when you walk down the aisle lalo't  US citizen. Wooops. Wicked me.

Me: Hilew
He: I just can not understand women?  Why do they want to be babied? (ala, umuusok ang telepono)
Me: You mean to tell me you're calling me overseas, just to whine about your fiancee? Sobra ka na.
Why is she asking for baby formula? hehehe 

He: I am not good at this.Why do I have to tell her I miss her when we have just separated some minutes ago after I dropped her in her place?
Me: Well she must be checking on you if you are okay. It is indirect way of saying thank the power of the universe you arrive safely home/that you were not victim of hold-upper  blah blah blah.
He: Arte ninyo.
Me: Bakit kasama ako?  Nanahimik ako dito ha.
He: She even got jealous of you when I mentioned about your advice of going to St. Jude to pray for a bride.
Me: Di ba sinabi mong "lalaki' rin ako? Sinabi mo bang mas matanda ako saiyo ng maraming paligo ? Ayaw kasi ng mga babae na nagkukuwento ka about women. Biglang nag-aactivate ang sino-yon-paano-kayo-nagkakilala at maganda ba siya faqs?
He: My feeling is just she is insecure.
Me: Sus, did you tell her that at your age, you never really have serious commitment. Your mother even flew in from SF and motored to Bicol for pamanhikan. Di pa ba sapat yon? 
He: Kasi nga, she wanted to hear it all the time that I love her.
Me: Naku ha. Mag-adjust ka na. Huling kabit mo na yan. wala na ang Biyaheng Bicol. But I heard irerestore nila. Manood ka na lang ng Amnesia girl. Baka makapick-up ka ng mga cheesy quotable quotes. Besides pag una lang yan. Darating ang taon na halos di na kayo mag-uusap.
He: Ano pa ba ang pinanood namin? First day nandoon na kami.Para kong nakikita siyang nagrorolleyes.

Again, my tears flow like Niagara Falls. Not because I was sad. Parang ROFL ba.


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