Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Balls

Dear insansapinas,

I am not referring to the round Christmas balls in the Christmas trees. I am talking about the crystal ball consulted by Harry Potter and his gang which they prefer to call ORB.
Why Christmas balls in the title? Ek ek ko lang yan kasi tool of the trade ko to profile the Christmas gift-givers. Ikanga, tell me what gift you receive and I will tell you what type of giver is your friend. 
 The Re-Gifter
I have nothing against the re-grifter. Sometimes, I am also guilty of that your honor especially when I got no time to go the store to buy a gift. Okay, lots of times. But not during Christmas. I really go out to shop elbow to elbow with shoppers several weeks, days and hours before Christmas. The joy of giving is also in the time, manner of getting the gift and the wrapping it with a simple note. Kanino nga ba ibibigay yon?

Even though I regift, I  do not just wrap anything that I can grab from my magic closet of unused gifts. I see to it that it will be useful to the recipient. 

In a different era, I received a Christmas gift of expensive fabric. Colored green. With my olive complexion, a green dress would make  me look like the wooden trellis of a creeping green leaves of ampalaya. Put some yellow buttons and I am read to burst as the bitter gourd.

 So I wrapped it again and gave it to my lady boss who did not favor off the rack clothes. Kinakati raw siya.

Ang aking pagkakamali, boss din nga pala nang nagbigay sa akin ng telang yon. So she complimented our lady boss for the dress made out of the material with masamang tingin sa akin. She didn't re-gift me again. Ploinkk.

The Product Endorsers
The giver gives you promotional products as pens, bags, fans, hats with comapny logo. Kulang na lang bigyan ka ng billboard na dadalhin mo kahit saan ka pumunta. Toinkkk

Bargain Slash Clearance Shoppers 
These people are the thoughtful kind. They think of their friends and loved ones when they see the bargain or clearance sales.

Oftentimes, the receiver finds the item he receives already phased out and therefore are no available spare parts or accesories. So what, it is the thought that matters. Di va?Sanga pala who needs a flat iron that emits smokes when in use? May kasama pang tabo para sa basang towellete panghagod sa damit.

The Volume Buyers
These givers must have several friends and relatives. So they buy in bulk or by the volume or by the dozen.
Very clever of saving lots of money. Like buying shirts by the dozen, socks by many pairs and undies by several boxes. Then hinahati-hati kagaya ng isang shirt, isang undies at isang pair of socks. Ang problema pag magkakasama sa bahay, angkinan na. 


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