Saturday, December 04, 2010

There is hope DAW

 Dear insansapinas,

Michael Douglas has just finished his eight week-chemo and radiation therapies to cure his throat cancer. His experience made him say that to make him continue living, they have to kill him first with medications. His type of cancer has 80 to 90 per cent recovery after treatment.

Cancer is a very expensive disease to treat if it is still treatable.

I read this  news: about cancer treatment. I agree if you have the money.

MANILA, Philippines – A medical specialist from China who visited Manila tells cancer patients never to lose hope in fighting the disease.
Professor Kecheng Xu, president of Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China, said there are new ways to fight cancer which is why there is always hope for people struck by the illness.
"Don't ever ever give up, there's hope and a person with cancer can live longer," he said during a seminar with the Filipino-Chinese Amity Club in Binondo, Manila.
Most of the seminar attendees are cancer patients and relatives of people struggling against the disease.
Xu said their facilities in Fuda Cancer Hospital use different methods of curing cancer-stricken patients.
There is this six year old boy who raised more than enough to help his parents pay for his leukemia treatment. His monster drawings were being sold in the internet by his family.

For liver cancer, the only hope is liver transplantation which is close to impossible since there is a long waiting list for donors.

Chemo and radiation are not effective. Even a small growth found in the liver would give you only a small percentage of surviving in more than a year.

All you need is a prayer for miracle.


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