Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sex Addiction and Shooting (again) and Glow

Dear insansapinas,

I was about to blog my thoughts about the celebrities caught with mistresses like
David Duchovny (X files), Tiger Woods and now Jesse James, the husband of Sarah  Sandra Bullock , when this topic was discussed in

Larry King Live. The issue was  whether sex addiction is a legit disease or just an excuse. 

If it is, ang dami sa Pinas na maysakit, karamihan politician sa atin na dapat i-rehab for sex addiction.

Shooting in DC
I woke up yesterday with the news that four died because of shooting. The suspects were in their late teens except for one who was only 14.

The suspected shooters sprayed bullets to the funeral crowd.

Alarm clock

When I was still a 9-5 corporate slave, I was never absent (except Good Friday, because here it is not a holiday) and never been late.

It is because I had an alarm clock, not one but two. It won't stop until I turned off the alarm button. 

There was even a time when I bought a bracelet that emitted  needle-like vibration to wake you up.

Pero ang pinakamatindi ay ang ingay ng aking tenant noon na pag alas 4 tumatawag sa Pilipinas para murahin ang mga anak. hehehe.
Nasa kabilang kuwarto siya pero yanig ang dingding sa lakas ng kaniyang P$%^7 na.

I came across these cool alarm clocks . Naah, I do not need one. Ako pa ang gumigising sa alarm clock. mwehehe.

I like this glow pillow. 

 Three in one; may pillow ka na, may ilaw pa at may alarm clock.
Ano kaya ang battery nito, battery ng kotse?


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