Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good intentions alone are not enough

Dear insansapinas,

When someone wrote that what we just need is an honest president and everyone will follow, I should like to grab a mike and say, hello, Earth. If that was so, there will be no original sin; there will be paradise on earth.

I admired Dr. Martin Bautista when he run for senator or congressman, the last time he made balikbayan in the Philippines. He is a green card holder.

When I read his advocacy, the statue fell into pieces. Good intention but clueless. He should have taken a crash course in Public Administration.

Imagine, his suggestion: roll eyes.

he wants to reduce the infrastructure budget by 90% and redirect the money to increase salaries of health workers, teachers, and policemen to curb the migration of qualified workers. He wants to raise the pay of nurses to a minimum of P20,000 a month to give them just compensation for the health risk they are subjected to on a daily basis.

 Just so he can get the vote of these people, he's promising heaven which is not possible. Does he know what these infrastructures are? you got the roads, bridges, water supply, power grids, telecommunications, schools, hospitals. etc.

So malaki nga ang suweldo ng guro pero sa ilalim naman sila ng puno nagkalase. Malaki nga ang suweldo ng mga narses pero sa labas naman sila maggagamutan. ETC.

Sabi pa niya professionalixe raw ang mga teachers at mga healthcare workers. No ba ang ibig niyang sabihin noon? Eh may mga eligibility exam ang kinukuha niyan bago makapagpratise at bago makapagturo sa higj school o elementary may required pa silang masteral units.

At dahil siya ay green card holder, kailangang anim na buwan lang siyang magstay sa Pilipinas. Ibig sabihin kalahati lang ng terms niya ang iseserbisyo niya? DUH.


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