Monday, April 19, 2010


Dear insansapinas,

I am wearing the same face for the last few days. It is the roll- the eyes- skyward- and snap- the- cookie- after saying Duh.

1. when I read the news that de Venecia and Ramos are thinking of coalition with Noynoy's LP. So?

Si De Venecia ba naman. Kung saan mabango ang hangin doon siya. Duh.

2. When I watched the video clip of Katy Gosselin entitled TV teary breakdown of Katy, showing  teary eyed Katy Gosselin trying to earn  sympathy for being a single mom to more than a dozen children...blah blah while wiping the tears rolling down her smoothed well-made-up cheeks with her beautifully manicured hands. Is that for her book that would come out or for getting votes as Dancing with the Stars participant? Frankly, she does not know how to dance. It is similar to holding an electric pole and trying to make it bend and sashay.

I want to cry too but then I looked at my fingers. They are not beautifully manicured. These PR people. They want you to cry for their clients who do not want to lose their luxurious lifestyle. Duh.

3. When I read this headline...LJ Reyes plans to give birth in the U.S. my eyes did not stop rollin' . Bakit gustong maging citizen ang anak?

Why are they so proud of getting pregnant out of wedlock? It is not because I am a moral guardian but to use being pregnant as a publicity, sure makes me roll eyes skyward 'till you can not see the  black part.  There was even a piece of news in a broadsheet...sino ba siya? Ewan ko. Hindi naman kasi ako nanonood ng TFC at GMA. Then she said, binigay ng Diyos daw.

Sana sabihin ng Diyos. Ah wala akong kinalaman diyan. Remember Janice de Belen when she said something about her pregnancy with her son with Aga Muhlach? Yong kasama raw ba nila ang Diyos nang ginagawa nila yon ? Am not sure about the exact comment.
 4. When I read how Isabel what's her name again Lopez, the former Bb. Pilipinas who became more popular in the "FF" soft porn movies at the Film Center of the Philippines (was that the haunted building because of people who were buried alive during its construction?) lambasted the Bb. Pilipinas Charities...nah nah, I am not a fan of beauty contests) but to use that as a promotion of the Working Girls, ang tapang naman ng apog nila. Kasama na si Ruffa Gutierrez.

Roll eyes.

Roll eyes.


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