Friday, April 30, 2010


Dear insansapinas,
Remember Jojo Acuin? The Nostradamus of Asia? He died of cardiac arrest after he was brought to the hospital due to pneumonia and complications of diabetes.

Pumanaw na ang tinaguriang Nostradamus ng Asya na si Jojo Acuin nitong Huwebes habang nakaratay sa Philippine Heart Center.

Dinala umano si Acuin, (Jose Maria Villanueva Acuin), 63-anyos, sa ospital noong Marso 19. Nagkaroon umano ito ng pneumonia bukod pa sa dating sakit nito na diabetes, ayon sa online news ng
It must be scary for him to know that his end is near.

What is scarier is seeing the signs in dreams and in waking moments.

After 2007, I closed my antenna. The visions are now coming to my dreams. Before I went on a vacation early this year, i dreamed of losing my luggage. Then i saw a lot of unfamiliar faces.

It all happened.  The scene was in Detroit airport. My luggage was dropped to the conveyor belt by my assistant before we learned that my flight has been cancelled. The Reagan Airport was closed due to winterstorm. The unfamiliar faces were those of Filipinos I met in the hotel where I checked in while waiting for the resumption of the flights. What was weird was when the woman in my dream asked for a medication from me. Yep, a woman who left her medication asked for a hypertension pill.

There were more but I rather not discuss them. 

So you are asking me who is going to win in the presidential election? I rather not because there are things that are indicative of repeating history.


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