Sunday, April 04, 2010

How's your Eggs?

Dear insansapinas?

I do not mean the Easter Eggs that bunnies leave for children to find. I am not also referring to the fastfood servers that ask you, how's your eggs which does not mean that they are concerned about your eggs but they;re asking how do you like your eggs cooked, sunny side up, scrambled or whatever.

I am referring to your eggs in the ref.

My brod is the one who buys the eggs. I do not know if he intentionally alternate buying white and brown eggs. So pag Saturday,(weekend lang kami kumakain ng itlog dahil pag weekdays walang kumakain ng breakfast)makikita mo either yong puti ang minority o yong brown.

bad bad eggs 2

I normally remove the eggs from the egg box so that I will know if it is time to replenish the stock.

There was a week when our egg rack in the ref was full so I have to leave them in their original egg pack. Imagine when I open the pack. Whew.

scared eggs

So I have to cook them all before they get rotten. If they only have eyes, I will see the terror when they see my WMD, the skillet. BWAHAHAHa

 Some disguised themselves but i was too hungry.

Yum yum yum

All photos forwded by bayi.

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