Friday, April 09, 2010

Hysterical Pregnancy

Dear insansapinas,

This is not about pregnant women going hysterics because they are pregnant. The other name for hysterical pregnancy is false pregnancy or pseudocyesis for humans.

Remember the dialogue about medical graduates from the Philippines in the Desperate Housewives. Well these doctors who performed the C-section on a woman who is not really pregnant cause the concerns of the people who learned that they are still working in the hospital.

With all these advanced technology to find out if there is a baby inside or not, the
false pregnancy could have been detected like what happened in the case of Law and Order where the daughter who has the electra syndrome believed that she is pregnant by her daddy. All physical symptoms were present.

Remember when there was a pregnant man ( not the latest) who was very popular because he had the media's attention? He just had the couvade syndrome.


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