Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Self Esteem - A RANT

Dear insansapinas,

I decided not to stress myself participating in a political forum so I said tataaaa. First I am already stressed out by the deadline of my book project. I do not think I can finish the book Accounting Information System before June. Nasa 300 pages na ako ng Financial Management. Inadjust ko yong margin para mas malaki.bwahaha.  

Second is that a fanatic Noynoy fan shut me up yesterday. Oh, this was not the first time, I met that kind of commenter in a forum...pag walang maisagot, pepersonalin ka. And to think I thought her specialization which is diplomacy would make her tactful in responding to criticisms.Besides, she was schooled in several universities abroad and her mother was a former senator. Did I expect that kind of response from her? Naah.

The thread was about Noynoy and the issue raised was about the lame excuse of his followers that there are already so many laws so that Noynoy did not file so many during his term as senator.

So I quoted from my article which I wrote for that particular group blog entitled Bills Filed and the Bills Paid by the Senators of the 14th Congress. It was noted and filed by Senator Miriam Aquino in her Facebook.

To my dismay, the lady did not respond to the issue I raised in that article,  that is how come the senators who had the lowest number of bills filed (Noynoy included) incurred expenses which were at the level of those who filed a bigger number of bills. It was a question of productivity and cost efficiency.  

Instead of answering directly, she accused me of  tooting my horn because I quoted my own article. (Huh? kamot ulo) for reference. (In fact except for the source and the contributor, The Cat, the site shows as if it was written by Miriam Santiago and there was no link in my cathcath website, so I was also pissed). 

I did not even mention that this article is number one in the search for this topic in the Google. O di va.

Pagkatapos she recited the sins and omissions of Manny Villar and no matter what people say...blah blah that she will still go for Noynoy. So I do not give a damn. I am not like other people who tried to convince other readers to change their candidate... and I was not even for Villar.

One rule that I followed in joining a forum is I see to it that my response is relevant to topic being discussed.

To accuse me of being Villar-ans (may word ba na ganito), she  must  be so desperate to see Noynoy  win or she must be feeling disappointed that she can not convinced many people to change and go with Noynoy.

First, I clarified that the article was written early January 2009, the time when people had no idea who are running for the presidential election. Second, I never defended Villar about the C5  because I thought that the proper venue for such a corruption case is the court and not in the privacy of e-mails of individuals who do not want to receive forwards (Di pa sila magkaroon ng sariling opinion, umaamen na lang sila kung ano man ang isulat tungkol sa kanilang paboritiong kandidato) and blogs of Noynoy cultists who gathered all positive articles about Noynoy and discard anything negative that may affect his candidacy. I respect people's preference. I avoid as much possible to talk about politics.

She mentioned about how I defended Villar in his SALN. This lady did not get it. I did not defend Villar, I just questioned the assumptions she made or her consultants  in writing that article. It was all about accounting concepts and principles.

That was the first time that she insulted me when she said that she believed that her consultants were more qualified than I am because they are CPAs and are teaching in the the undegrad. But she never asked her consultants about my questions. In short hindi niya nasagot ang tanong ko.

Sasabihin ba ninyong nagyayabang ako kung sabihin kong nagtuturo rin ako at hindi lang ako profesoor kung hindi DIIIIN pa. (dean, silly).

Then she also mentioned about my reaction that Tondo was a place of aristocrats, the new rich people in defense of Villar again. 

Ang aristocrats ay yong mga old rich at ang alam ko nasa Visayas sila. Ang mga mayayaman doon ay may mga dugong intsik at nandoon pa rin sila. Hindi ko alam kung sino ang mga new rich na nanggaling sa Tondo. Si Villar? Walang magsasabing galing sila sa Tondo.

This lady was born abroad and has stayed abroad most of the time. She must have never set foot in Tondo and smelled the whiff of air coming from the Smokey Mountain before it was leveled off to the ground in 1995. It operated for 40 years.  She must not have walked on the wood planks that served as walkway for squatters that populated the dead esteros because of the trash that were thrown by the residents day after day that when flood comes, you will literally wade in the pile of garbage or swim in the trash.

Ako, tumira sa Tondo at sabi ko nga sainyo kahit dito sa States pag sinabi kong galing ako sa Tondo, hindi nila sinasabing ako ay aristocrata kung hindi hinahanap nila ang aking tattoo o kaya ay fan knife. Am I embarrassed? Heck no. Maraming mahihirap na tao na mas meron pang dignidad kaysa sa mga mayayaman. Besides, masarap sa Tondo pag piyesta. Daming pagkain. mwehehee

Tapos siguro napahiya kaya sabi na lang sa akin ay between me and her consultants, mas matatanggap pa raw sila para magturo sa Harvard. Hahahaha. Ano bata. Para bang wala ka sa ...blah blah...thing noon pag may away ang mga bata batuta. Dahil di makilaban, iba ang ikukumpara saiyo. bwahahaha.

Ang sister-in-law ko na Puti, corporate lawyer, scholar at graduate sa Harvard Law School ay hindi tinanggap sa pagtuturo kasi may mga lalaking lawyers na nagblock sa kaniyang application. Ang aking father-in-law na doctor at graduate sa Harvard Medical School thru scholarship (mahirap din sila noon) ay hindi na nag-attempt na mag-apply.

Kaya itong babaing ito, na ipinagmamalaki ang kaniyang mga consultants na Pinoy ay pagsasabihan ako about Harvard, pwede ba. Very humble ang mga in-laws ko na three generations and nagtapos ng Harvard and THERE WAS NEVER A TIME na sinabi sa akin na hindi ako matatanggap sa Harvard. Ito ang mga academicians na nagtuturo sa Oxford sa England at sa University of Califormia System.  

Was it my self -esteem which was hurt? Naah. I always believe in myself, not the arrogant way but I can face anybody whoever he is. even  a president of a country and I will not feel intimidated.

First time someone commented about my credentials was when I was establishing a school in California.
The sister of my friends who commissioned me to do the study and the proposal said without blinking, Eh ano naman ang magagawa niyan eh graduate lang yan sa Pinas.
So they invited one lady from the academe who was already teaching in California to help them do the job.  Okay lang sa akin. 

Nothing came out. So I prepared one and pursued the project until it became operational. Hindi ba nila alam na nagtayo kami ng kaibigan ko ng semi-conductor company kung saan siya ang naging Vice-President at financed ng isang milyonaryong busimessman? Hindi ba nila alam na nagtatayo ako noon ng mga nursery at kindergarten schools para sa mga clients ko sa Pinas.Except for stricter compliance to the requirements and easier to prepare legal documents, there are hardly no difference at all. Kasi naman ang mga libro natin at curriculum patterned after US.

The other time  was when I advised a relative who was pursuing an MBA to change her adviser. The adviser had  a Doctorate, yes...Divinity and her thesis was about some women leaders/achievers  in the industry. As to what industry, it was not even specified.

She questioned my nerve of criticising her adviser na graduate daw sa States at ako ay graduate lang sa Pinas.

Pero my dear kahit sa Timbuktu, pag ang adviser mo ay hindi ka sinabihan na kumuha ka lang ng sample size saiyong total population, walang alam yan sa advising. 

Eh ako naman siguro naging adviser ng isang naging Presidente ng University, AHEM;  isang consul ng isang Asian country, AHEM; isang anak ng mataas na opisyal ng isa pang Asian country at marami pang iba. AHEM. Makakuha nga ng Halls. Masyadong makati ang throat ko.

Hindi porke ang aking blog ay walang kakwenta kwenta, at marami akong typographical error lalo na pag malabo na ang aking mata at nagfifreeze na ang aking lap tough dahil ang daming nakabukas na files, pwede na nila akong insultuhin. TSEH. makainom na nga ng aking gamot. Bakit dito ko isinulat ang aking rant. Ang gusto ko sa political forum ay pagusapan lang ang politics at hindi magpataasan ng kahit hindi nila ihi. Ito blog ko, ano man ang gawin ko dito, walang maapektuhah. Walang masasaktan na hayup at walang magugutom na nga milyon milyon. Acheche.



Anonymous said...

You are so funny, do you know that? Naka-bookmark na nga itong blog mo sa lap tough ko eh.

Anonymous said...

Nagsulat na din ako sa website na yun na tinutukoy mo kaya lang umexit ako agad kasi daig pa ang koral ng mga buwaya ang bangis ng mga madudunong at nagdudunung-dunungan.

btw, may kwento ako tungkol sa uncle nung lady blogger na yun na sinasabi mo. siyempre pa, napakadaming kwento tungkol sa midnight deals nung uncle niya. but this one is about how he hoodwinked the Muslims of Sulu regardng a car plant business he forged with Mahathir of Malaysia. pero imbes na mapunta sa Sulu ang car plant to alleviate the poverty of the Muslims there (as was intended when the business proposal was being sold to financiers), eh napunta sa probinsya niya bigla! ayun, nagamit ng walang habas ang mga kawawang Muslim. Wala ding nagyari sa car manufacturing plant na yun kasi umeksena ang bida na ang pangalan ay karma.

biyay said...

that is one of the reasons i don't want to write about politics or politicians. the only time I broke my rule was because I found it unusual. and my tiny little blog got several visits from pro-___s. scary to think what would happen if I wrote posts advocating for a particular candidate.

cathy said...

i do not know why they're so fanatic about the candidate. Ako rin ayaw kong magpost about politics kasi igagang-up ka.

Ako ayaw kong maoffend yong mga may sarisariling kandidato. Syempre, iginagalang ko ang preference nila. hindi ako makatiis minsan kasi kung hindi lang narrowminded sila, sana amg mga criticisms gawin nilang insights na magagamit sa kanilang political strategy.

cathy said...

sige book mark mo. thanks.

cathy said...

anonmous again,
magkamag-anak ba kayo. pareho kayo ng pangalan eh. mewhwhwhw

di na nga ako nadala. umalis na nga ako doon dahil talagang bastusan na. Akala ko pa naman ay wala nang ganoon. Arogante naman na pupuwesto na sa pulitika. alam din niya kung saan siya pupuwesto, sa winnable candidate.

Anonymous said...

nakapasok ako EEEEeeEEEE
anung kaguluhan tooooh!
hahahaha am so excited, and i just cant hide
no no no no no
welcomeback meeeeeee.
eto sa tabi ko tong IT nakuha sa masamang tingin after a week na kilakalkal ang PC ko, de p[uger talaga oo.

huh!at sinu nanaman yan mam?
i believe na isa syang baguhan sa blogsphere mam cat..
bakit kamo? dika nya kilala??????

(dancing while typing da typo la la la).

sorry, sa tagal ko nawala sa ere nakalimutan ko username at password ko nyahahahaha.

lee aka dawn(pepot)~

cathy said...

welcome back lee,
talagang kinulit mo ang IT mo ha.

Sobrang vacation sa pinas. mansion siguro yong pinatayo mo.

tapos pag uwi mo pa wala na kayong google diyan.

if there's a will, there is a way.

paki kiss mo nga ang IT mo. hehehe

cathy said...

nakadebate ko na rin sina manlo q uezon the third at si dean jorge bocobo pero walang personalang nangyari. lahat lang talaga issues.