Saturday, April 17, 2010

No More Show Biz for Baby James

Dear insansapinas,

Kris Aquino pulls Baby James out of limelight after 'Vee-yar' brouhaha

Allelujah, she has seen the light... the stage light.  

Kris Aquino has decided to nip Baby James's stardom in the bud.

In an exclusive phone interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) editor Karen Pagsolingan yesterday, April 12, the actress and TV host said she is pulling her two-year-old son "out of the limelight."

Kris said the decision was reached after Baby James blurted out 'Villar!' in a campaign sortie for her brother, Sen. Noynoy Aquino on March 29. Sen. Manny Villar's camp immediately jumped on the issue, saying Baby James was "secretly endorsing" Villar. They were also willing to award Baby James a watch from Technomarine. (CLICK HERE to read related story)

"It's a realization for us that he's a child, so let him be a child... Since he is only two years old, magti-three next week, we should give and allow him to enjoy his childhood. Something that didn't happen for me, because dad was in jail, it was martial law, so ako, I was really exposed super early. But since hindi naman tayo martial law ngayon, so I suggest, allow him to really enjoy his childhood," she explained.
It was not early naman. I think she was already seven years old. It was not even showbiz. She was just made to campaign for her dad while  he was in prison.

Kris said Baby James will not anymore be seen in her primetime soap opera Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo. Baby James plays Kris's son.

"I already pulled him out kasi our decision is, if we want him spared from all of this, kick him out of the limelight... Baby James made a mistake, I explained to him what the mistake is, but of course he's two. As a mother, I took upon myself na I protect him," she said.

Why is she insisting na nagkamali yong bata. Baby Janes may not be even aware what vore means o iboboto? 

Ngayon lang ba niya narealize yon. Ang daming artista na hindi pinag-artista ang mga anak nila habang bata dahil nga alam nila ang consequences.

This time, it is no longer her tactlessness which is the issue which is oftentimes, the reason why people are soft on her. Totoo lang siyang tao. 

The Aquino sisters also realized that this tactlessness makes her a liability to Noynoy. Baka anong masabi niya.

Baka pagnananalo si Noynoy at she's playing first lady baka biglang magsalita siya ng hindi maganda. 
Tapos tantrum sila pag pinublish ng mga diyaryo at ini-air sa TV network.




biyay said...

feeling ko, balik showbiz si baby james after the elections. ano, si kris, iiwas sa limelight? kung pwede nga lang ipakita sa tv na mamahalin na panty gamit nya, gagawin nya yun

cathy said...

yan din ang feeling ko. sasabihin lang nila public clamor. hehehe