Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What was that?

Dear insansapinas,

Washington Monument
Sorry for the blurred image, I was inside the vehicle when I took the photo.

You can not blame the" East Coasters" to panic yesterday. I did panic too because I knew it was an earthquake. The people here are not accustomed to having an earthquake. The last strongest (almost as strong as yesterday) was in 1944 yet. So many people especially  in DC and Virginia must have  thought that it was another man-made disaster (  terrorism)  With  Sept. 11 only a few weeks away, you can not fault them if they asked what the hell was that.

Some people in our area sat in the grassy frontyard. Akala ko nagpipicnic. Yon pala takot bumalik sa bahay.

The employees were sent home so that buildings could be checked for cracks. Wala yong hintayin mo na ang big boss bago umuwi. Sa Pilipinas, usually ang big boss wala sa opit. Nasa labas, sa ganoong oras. almost two in the afternoon., Nanginginain ng extended lunch.

At 5 o clock, our phone  started ringing. Nahh Virginia, not friends who would like to ask how we are or relatives checking on us. They're telemarketers, solicitors, scammers who thought that because the people were dismissed early, they will be at home to answer the phone. MGA MAUTAK talaga. But that is for people without caller id. For us whose number calling appears in our TV screen, pahinog kayo,

The land marks were checked for damages. One such land mark is the Washington Monument. (see picture above)

Another one that was damaged  is the National Cathedral
Can't find my photo so I grabbed from photocredit . Noong pumunta kami doon akala ko magsisimba kami. Yoon pala isa sa mga landmarks. Tanga ko talaga.


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