Friday, August 12, 2011


Dear insansapinas,
When we were kids and visited our cousins in the barrio we played " bahay-bahayan. The older 'sins gathered corn stalks, slabs and banana leaves leaves and built us a hovel like in the photo below.

photocredit: all that'sinteresting

The photo however is not for kids but for adults. It is a hotel in the forest.  The description says:  The huts are located in a glade beside the Lake Skärsjön, and espouse a simple, primitive form of living, with candle-lit rooms, shared outhouses, lake or creek as your option for bathing, crackling fire, and the sight, smell and sounds of the forest to entertain you. Food is also self-catered, 
Meron silang outhouses. Di kailangang gumamit ng siit at dahon. bwahaha

It reminds me also of my camping days but the huts were made from canvas. We slept on the grounds except for improvised bed out of bamboo slats.Ayunm nagkasakit karamihan.

Undersea resort

I thought it  was just  fiction in the novel that I read. It's true I have been to the undersea aquarium in San Francisco and  had tried to touch the belly of a shark swimming overhead but I could not imagine myself sleeping on the ocean floor watching sharks, and other sea critters to see what I am going to have for dinner. Burp. This hotel is located in Fiji lagoon. .

Abby, the most popular prime time character and is the genius weird  forensic scientist in the NCIS sleeps in the coffin. But that is only in the series.  
But if she will go to Germany, she could check in in a hotel where beds are coffins.

The hotel in Germany was designed by Lars Storschen. His art bordered from beautiful to bold and bizarre suite decors. 


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