Monday, August 08, 2011

Adidas, Coca Cola and Starbucks

Dear insansapinas.
Naaaah, Virginia, I am not talking about the delicious chicken feet we call Adidas. Yon nga ba yon ?

I am talking about the shoes and other brands and how they got their names. Forwarded to me by my brother.You ever wonder, why your favorite soda is called Coca Cola?

There are fifty of them, I selected only a few which  names  are familiar in the Philippines.

1. Coca Cola - it is named after cocal leaves and kola nuts for flavoring.
2. 7-11 - it was named from its hours of operation 7 am to 11 pm
3. Adidas- form the name of the owner Adolf Adi Dassler. His brother also produced shoes called Puma.
4. Starbucks -named after a character in the movie, Moby Dick
5. Adobe- named after Adobe Creek which run  behind the house of the co- founder John Warnock
6. Bridgestone- named after the translation of the name of the owner Shojiro Ishibash- bridge of stone.
7. Sony- it is not a name of a lady, it refers to sonus meaning sound
8, Sharp- named after the company's first product- pencil.
9. Pepsi- named after pepsin
10. Mattel- the maker of Barbie Dolls was named after its owners, Harold "Matt"  Matson and Elliot Handler

I worked with H & R Block and I never knew where the name originated. It was founded by Henry W. and Richard Bloch. They changed Bloch to Block.


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