Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Dear insansapinas,
Do you know how they buy cars in China. They buy them in cash as in...bulto-bulto.
pic forwarded by bayi,

A friend of mine had a Chinese client who is a millionaire but he's low profile. One day, he asked her to help him buy a brand new car. Being a simple man, he wore cheap clothes that you won't think that he can afford to buy a car. When they were choosing the car he wanted, the man was being ignored by the car sales agent. 

After the choice, the agent asked how the payment is going to be made. In cash, said the man. Then he brought out his bayong full of money. The agent almost "picked up" his jaw from the floor.

My friend in Indonesia decided to migrate to the United States. She sold the family's house and lot which also housed her nursery school. 

When she came home after the sale, she came home with two suitcases of rupiahs. You can imagine how many rupiahs she needed to convert her currency to dollar. One rupiah is equivalent to .0001 dollar.

Para makabili ka ng worth 10 dollars kailangan mo ng isang bayong?

Di ba nakakatakot magdala ng ganoong karaming pera. Baka maholdap ka. Dito naman sa Pilipinas, pwedeng utang lalo na ngayong mataas ang credit rating ng Pilipinas, dapat bumaba ang interest sa mga loans. Kung cash naman ay cashier's check. No hustle. Ang may hustle ay yong carnapping. Hindi ka nga mahoholdap. macacarmap naman ag kotseng binili mo. 


Tita Beng said...

Hayyy, buti na lang dito sa Pinas, ang uso e kapirasong plastic money. Ang mahirap lang e yung pagbabayad!

cathy said...

dito rin plastic money ang uso. minsan. kaso ubos na ang paycheck pagbayad.