Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thank You and Good bye Dr. Fe del Mundo

Dear insansapinas,

Dr. Fe del Mundo, the Grand Dame of Philippine Pediatrics, passed away after suffering a heart attack at 5 a.m. Saturday.
No, I do not know her personally, Virginia except that she was the pediatricuan who was able to diagnose 
what was wrong with my boy Tsikiting Gubat. Yes, he is the same boy of mine who was hospitalized when he was just seven days old
because someone fron the nursery  did not bother to sterilize all the feeding bottles--an incompetence or laziness  that sent all the newborns during the period back to the hospital because of infection . 

My boy  survived the 24 critical hours. Thanks to prayers. But several weeks after I brought him home from the hospital,  I sensed that my TG had difficulty peeing. 

I brought him to different doctors and  hospitals, PGH included and the only diagnosis was that he got an infection. And why I was crying ? asked one doctor. Natural lang daw yon. Antibiotics were prescribed. The swelling and the redness would disappear but he still had  difficulty urinating that he would cry.

Mother's instinct, no matter how young you are would tell you that it was not an ordinary phase for an infant to go through. So I brought him to another doctor/pediatrician. I did not know who she was until my friend told me that she was Dr. Fe del Mundo. She recommended an inmmediate  one day surgery.

She was already old at that time and I kept wondering  if she were still alive until I read the news about her death. She never married and died at age 99. A life well-lived.


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