Friday, August 19, 2011

Blind Item na may pangalam

Dear insansapinas,

Habang nagwewelcome sa B actress-heiress na si Paris Hilton may bangayan pala sa barangay. 
Here is the article:
Paris Hilton eruption

GUESTS and customers at the Pen lobby were treated to a verbal fireworks Wednesday night between actress Annabelle Rama and Century Properties managing director Robbie Antonio that even the orchestra had to stop playing as the two duked it out in front of startled diners.
Century Properties, for those born yesterday, is the property development group that brought reality TV star Paris Hilton to Manila to help create marketing buzz for its Sucat project.
According to an eyewitness, Rama apparently took offense at how Antonio and his staff had handled her actress daughter Ruffa Gutierrez and other local stars at a just-concluded Paris Hilton event that the mother hen’s volcanic temper erupted there and then.

The US-educated Antonio apparently has taken on a New York-kind of attitude toward work and treatment of colleagues so different from his subdued father, former Ambassador Jose Antonio, that a number of locals took offense.
The good news is that the Hilton heiress visit has reaped a publicity windfall both here and even the blogosphere for Century Properties.
Even The Asian Wall Street Journal could not resist the celebrity lure and flew a staffer to Manila to report on the heiress; it even scored a scoop of sort when it reported Wednesday that the property company had tapped  house, Missoni, to develop another condo after Antonio’s venture with Versace.

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