Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear insansapinas,
San Andreas faujlt in California

I dozed off while reading and the first word that hit me when  I woke up  is earthquake. Indeed, a few seconds, the bed shook, the bookshelves rattled so much so that the books fell to the carpet. Even the magazines in the couch slid down the floor.

It was just a 5.9  earthquake but the tremor was like the earthquake 7 , I experienced in the Philippines. I have resided in California which is  earthquake prone because of the presence of San Andreas Fault but, never have I felt a strong tremor like a few minutes ago. I even lived in a house on a hill and have worked in a multi-storey building. 

It must be because the buildings there were retrofitted. The building requirements for new houses and renovations of old houses required retrofitting too for earthquake safety.

Pentagon and Capitol employees are being evacuated as I am typing this experience which will be a headline news tonight. The quake which originated in Richmond Virginia was felt in DC, NYC, NC,Ohio, Georgia and Detroit. 


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