Friday, August 06, 2010

Old Age

 Dear insansapinas,

It is not because I am not against the bill for Pinoy centenarians but from what I understand of legislations, the law should benefit a big number of people.(correct me if I am wrong).

The NSO figures showed more than 2,000 people who are 100 years old way back in 2000. Ten years, after, can we stay that they are still alive?

My grandfather died when he was 98, that's what my mother told us. She was not even sure. He was the second husband of my grandma who had already 13 children when they got married after she was widowed (i do not know how many times) and my mom was the youngest in the family. 

There was no birth certificate available. We did not even know the full name of my grandmother. So it was only always an affidavit which was prepared by people who were even younger than the old folks.

When my MIL was alive, she would become depressed when she heard news that a friend died. She said that time would come when there would be no more friends who would come to her memorial.

My father did not want to become old. He said that that he liked to go when he is still young. His wish was granted.

For a centenarian, what would a plaque stand for? A plaque of appreciation for reaching a century? Baka yong P 100,000 gagastusin na lang ng mga naiwang buhay pa. Well for a person who reached the age of 100, who do you expect to be alive with him/her ? The children must be in the 80's if they are still around. The grandchildren must be in the 60's.

I will prefer a bill that would increase the benefits of the senior citizens aside from the senior discounts. I just read an article of a Pinoy in DC (I am looking for it) where she considered herself lucky to be 62, the age when people start enjoying the benefits of the senior citizens.

At this age, an employee can opt to retire and receive 75 per cent of the SSS pension but has to wait to become 65 to enjoy medicare. Discounts are given not only in basic commodities but also in transport, movies, restos and beauty parlors.

Ang sabi nga "aanuhin mo pa ang damo, kung malapit nang mamatay ang kabayo? "

Bill for Pinoy centenarians pushed
By Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star) Updated August 04, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (5) View 

MANILA, Philippines - House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman has filed a bill seeking to honor and grant benefits to Filipino centenarians, as well as declare Sept. 25 as National Respect for Centenarians Day.
“While we laud the youth as the hope of the future, let us commend centenarians as the fulfillment of the present,” Lagman said.
House Bill 834 stipulates that on a centenarian’s birthday, whether in the country or abroad, he or she would be honored with a letter of felicitation signed by the president and a cash gift of P100,000.
The bill also provides that on National Respect for Centenarians Day, all Filipinos reaching their 100th year in the current fiscal year would be awarded a plaque of recognition and a cash incentive by their respective local government units on top of those given by the president.       


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