Monday, August 23, 2010

Hostage Drama

Dear insansapinas,
Update, 8:24,2010: Please read the statement of President Aquino on this hostage taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand  hours after it culminated to bloodbath

I did not go back to bed when I read the news about the hostage drama in the Philippines from the live coverage of CNN.
I was waiting for the outcome. It lasted for ten hours and ended with the death of the hostage taker and some of the hostages.

MANILA, Philippines –  It’s over. The hostage crisis that gripped the world for at least 10 hours Monday ended with at least three people killed, including the hostage-taker, and 17 survivors, according to reports culled by
The body of dismissed Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza was recovered inside the tourist bus that he took over in Manila about 9 a.m. He was taken to Ospital ng Maynila. Also taken to the same hospital were seven of the hostages, five of who are alive and two dead.
What went wrong in the negotiation? 

Desperate people resort to desperate move--to kill or be killed.
The Hong Kong consulate requested to make the safety of the hostage, the priority. 

In the US, some people went berserk and killed as many as their co-employees when they were dismissed . How much more if you are a person who thought that there was injustice in your discharge and you are  deprived of receiving your pension and retirement benefits?

Isipin mo ang taong may hawak ng baril at nakatutok sa ibang tao at sabihin mo sa kaniyang hindi maibibigay saiyo ang iyong hinihingi. Anong ginawa mo sa tao...Desperado. Suicidal. Parang sinabi mong kalabitin mo na, hindi ko pwedeng ibigay ang hinihingi mo.  I know it is difficult to promise something that has to be decided not only by one person and there were criminal cases against him  but given the choice between life and death, what will a negotiator choose at this moment? The brother did not help by saying walang pag-asa kahit na totoo ang sinasabi niya.

Kaya nga dapat trained ang negotiator. Yong hindi mag-aagravate ng situation
I do not think he was unstable. The mere fact that he released the children and those who have health issues, I believed  he had no intention to kill people at first and he was hopeful that something good would come out from what he did. He was wrong.Hindi siya pinagbigyan ng mag-air ng grievance sa media? When his request for reinstatement was nixed by the Ombudsman ( sabi nga ni Angela kahit man lang sana pinagbigyan na) and then he saw his brother and son being arrested, he might have believed that he was at the point of no return. I know authorities are thinking of the consequence that people will resort to hostage taking to make demands in the future.

Whether he was aggrieved or not, he had no right to take other people's lives. But this time, his mind was already clouded.Wala ba silang psychologist na nandoon para maassess na kung anong stage na siya ng pagiging hopeless?

So what if people lied to break the tension and saved several lives in the process. Eddie Murphy did that in a movie where there was hostage-taking when  he lied about his gun and the requests. It is a movie but somehow we can pick up something from the scene which is also discussed in this article, Guide to Crisis Negotiation where it is emphasized that for a negotiation to be successful, the negotiator should come from the police, a trained one. The place should be secured. Why was there a a ten-year old casualty who was not a hostage? An Uzi? Bakit nakikita ng hostage taker kung anong ginagawa sa kapatid niya ng mga police.

I believe that there is a better chance for hostages to live than the victims of disgruntled and vindictive employees who do not negotiate anymore before killing their intended target.


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