Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fr. Nebres versus Bro. Armin Luistro

Dear insansapinas,

One of the reasons that ranked high among the respondents of the survey regarding their dropping out from school which pulled down the net enrollment ratio and then pushed the drop-out rate to more than 20 per cent is the lack of interest. 

While the new Department Secretary is pushing for the additional 2 years in the basic curricular program
the President of ADMU, Fr. Bienvenido Nebres suggested that
the government should focus first on cutting the number of “illiterates” the country produces annually.

The lack of interest could mean so many things and the researcher included the lack of financial resources of the family and lack of support of the parents.Minsan talagang ang ibang bata ay ayaw mag-aral. 

Looking at the regions where the drop out rates were high, I noticed that the pupils were mostly from the places where there is no peace and order condition. Also the poverty index is hgh.

Comes the planned 12 year basic education course. 

DLSU where the new Deped Secretary was plucked for the position has been implementing the 12 year program.

So I got interested in the additional subjects that they were offering to the elementary and high school. 
Christian Living includes religion subjects which are integrated in the program and offered in all years. Seven years equal seven subjects which could be equivalent to one year.

In elementary they start offering computer courses. Good. In grade 7 there is a web design subject. Good.

Good for students whose parent would not worry where the next tuition will come from and their children have accessed to family-owned computers and internet services. 

What about the students in the public schools. If the same subject will be offered as part of the additional two years in the curriculum? 

While the basic courses such as math, science, social subjects  are covered in 4 years, the additional year in the high school are mostly for the holistic development of the student. They are taught about music composition, table etiquette and other subjects which would make you ask, are they needed to find a job?

So the question is what are these additional subjects that would require two more years to finish  basic education.

 I am with Fr. Nebres in this issue. The private schools can afford to provide facilities and the enrolees can afford to pay for the additional tuition fees. What about the government which provide the basic education for free? What about the pupils or students whose only opportunity to become literate is to enroll in the government subsidized elementary and high schools where even books are free. (marami nga lang mali). bwahaha



biyay said...

medyg mga may solusyon ang gobyerno sa problema ng out of school youths. under Pres. Arroyo (di ko alam if meron na ganitong program before sa kanya. malamang.), merong ALS o alternative learning system kung saan ang ilang mga teachers sa nagpupunta sa mga baryo at nagtuturo sa mga out of school youth, hindi sa regular school hours kundi sa mga oras na pwedeng ang estudyante. parang designed ito sa mga nag-drop out kasi nagta-trabaho na. tuloy pa rin ang programa pero sana suportahan din

cathy said...

narinig ko nga ito. maraming magagandang programa sanang ipinatupad kaya lang marami ring nagtake advantage na kumita.