Sunday, August 01, 2010


Dear insansapinas,

Update: Yesterday, when I woke up, I looked for news about plane crash. None.but today, there was one in Alaska.
A large cargo-type plane crashed in Alaska Sunday and burst into a deadly fireball that sparked a forest fire at Denali National Park, officials said. Park spokeswoman Kris Fister said there were fatalities, but it's unclear how many because "the plane pretty much disintegrated."
So this dream falls under Precognitive Dreams
Precognitive Dreams: Precognitive dreams are particularly interesting as they are effectively forecasting a potential future. Usually precognitive dreams are of a very personal nature in so much that all the content of the dream revolves around the dreamer or people who are close or significant to them. An attempt should always be made to interpret this type of dream if there is any ambiguity as to the message
 and Prophetic Dreams: Prophetic dreams are similar to precognitive in so much as they too foretell a potential future. The difference is that prophetic dreams are usually not about the dreamer but about unknown people etc.

Last night I dreamed of a snow-capped mountain. Then a sky with black clouds. A dark omen if I might say. Then an airplane hovered, then flew straight to the mountain and crashed.

I saw one person floating in the air. Then I saw some survivors.

Today I am watching a movie for TV. The same scene. The same snowcapped mountain, the same plane, and there was the person tumbling from the sky since he was pushed. 

Isn't that interesting. Have you experienced that. I did,several times.



R.O. said...

when a terrible earthquake struck baguio, i sensed something terrible would happen months before

when ondoy engulfed metro manila, ive been daydreaming of a tsunami eating up our place (pasay-paranaque) and the rest of metro manila.

gift? i dunno. sometimes when it's too bad i can't take, like for instance involving myself or family, i force myself to get the image off my mind and think positive thoughts

cathy said...

when the earthquake struck in Baguio, i had the premonition in the Loakan chapel.

we suppress the gift because of fear of the unknown. some of our dreams need interpretation like what water means, waves, dark skies.

Usually a dream about accident or calamity like earthquake, typhoon, vehicular accidents happens in the near future,