Monday, November 01, 2010

The Ghost Who Writes

Dear insansapinas,

Sorry to disappoint you. This blog is not about some spirits channeling thru automatic writing or pounding a keyboard to send a message. This is about a person who ghost writes for someone who has no time to write his thoughts that he needs to communicate to the public or a specific audience. 

No I am no Johnny-come-lately on this latest bruhahaha about an Assistant Secretary who whined about the wine and who is said to be the  presidential speech writer. For this function alone, she was appointed with a rank of an Assistant Secretary? I do not mean the lady who gets paid to answer the phone and takes some dictations from the Boss. This is more of a Cabinet Rank.  I've reported this in my blog earlier before this made the Twitter accounts alive even on a long weekend holiday.

I read two sides of the coin. One is from a group that bashed this  lady who twitted that she did not find a single pretty boy in the host country.  Their points are valid.
1. tact and diplomacy
2. social media responsibility
3. good manners and right conduct

The other side which includes the President himself considered the incident minor.
1. She is still young
2. She apologized
3. she is just honest 

PNoy is a dream boss indeed. He is like a Secretary of Department of Defense who always comes to the rescue of his people; shall I say right or wrong at the expense of the government's  image and general public's dissatisfaction?

Being honest does not necessarily mean you can say to the people who invite you that they are ugly. (Pag sinabing walang guwapo di ibig sabihin noon lahat pangit). 

Being young does not necessarily mean that you do not know good manners and right conduct. The parents teach us right or wrong even when we are just walking one step at a time and  can hardly form a complete sentence. The prep schools have that one of the subjects in the curriculum and the individual himself has a built-in GMRC index--the conscience na nagsasabing mali yan, masama yan, huwag mong gawin yan.

One blogger wrote that the lady is a Tourism graduate, a cum laude of a state University and is a member of a blues band. Some commenters criticized her looks.

Much as I am convinced that what she did was inappropriate, I also do not approve of people who called her names and made fun of her picture.  Bakit ba tayo masyadong obsessed sa physical appearance ng tao? Hindi porke pangit, masama at hindi porke maganda, mabait. Buti na lang ako pareho. (naisingit na naman ang sarili, toinkk). We should  focus more on the  lessons learned so there will be no next time. *smile*

The question is will this incident be relegated to the dust bin? I doubt. Every time, the president delivers a speech,  her name will crop up. Sinulat siguro ni anoh yan.

Besides, tweets are never really deleted just like the blogs. They are CACHED in the web. If you are a techie, you will know where to retrieve the deleted ones.



lechon said...

maybe all Pnoys' Men and Women assisting him should read Emily Post's book on etiquette.

cathy said...

wala yatang balak na gawin yon. anyway palagi naman silang ipinagtatangol.