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Top Movie Stars of Philippine Cinema, RIP Part 1

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In every decade, there were two or more actors and actresses whose stars shone brighter than the rest. Nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever especially in the show business. Eventually, the stars faded, died and were forgotten.  Some had children who followed their footsteps. Some became popular; some were not as lucky as their parents.

1.Rogelio dela Rosa
rogelio dela rosa and norma blancaflor

The multi-awarded actor who almost became the first movie star to become a president was born  Regidor dela Rosa on November 12, 1914 in  Lubao, Pampanga. He was popularly known as Rogelio dela Rosa.  On November 16, 1986, Ambassador Rogelio de la Rosa succumbed to a fatal heart attack He was survived by his widow, Lota Delgado, also a beautiful movie actress and one of his leading ladies in the silver screen, and by their children, Ramon, Rudolph, Reynaldo, Roberto, Ruby and Rocky. He was also survived by Jose Rogelio Bayot de la Rosa Jr, a son with his first wife, Dolores "Lolita" Z. Bayot of Masbate, Philippines and by many relatives who loved and adored him. 

2. Carmen Rosales

In the late 30's Carmen Rosales debuted in the movie Ang Kiri as double of Atang dela Rama. In the succeeding years, she became the queen of the Philippine movies with popular actors as leading men. She died at the age 74 on Dec. 11, l991.

3. Fernando Poe Sr,

Fernando Poe, Sr. (1916 - 1951) was a famous actor during the early cinema era in the Philippines. He was the father of the late Fernando Poe, Jr., who was an iconic and hugely popular actor that he almost won the  Philippine Presidency in 2004. Poe, Sr. directed the first Darna film in 1951 before he died in the same year.

 He was also  the father of Andy Poe and Conrad Poe who was his son to Patricia Mijares.

During a film shooting, Fernando Poe, Sr. died in 1951 after he permitted a rabid puppy to lick his wound.

4. Tita Duran

Tita Duran (1929-1991) was the wife of the late Pancho Magalona. Their son was the late well-known rapper Francis Magalona.
Tita Duran and Pancho Magalona were matinee idols in the late 40's. 
She died on April 27, 1991.

5. Pancho Magalona

 Tita Duran's husband died of emphysema at the  Lung Center of the Philippines in April 1998.
Pancho and his real life wife Tita Duran, appeared in numerous Sampaguita Pictures movies. Pancho and his wife were the most popular movie love team in the late 40s.  He also co-starred on some Hollywood movies that were shot in the Philippines, such as The Hook (with Kirk Douglas) and Merrill's Marauders (with Jeff Chandler).

6. Max Alvarado 

Max Alvarado (February 19, 1929 — April 6, 1997) was a FAMAS award-winning Filipino film actor known mainly by his portrayals of villains in a career that spanned 6 decades.
Towards the end of his life, Alvarado became a commercial spokesperson for Maxx candy, a popular rock candy eponymous to his own screen name. He died from heart failure in 1997.

7. Efren Reyes, Sr.

He was a well-known actor and the favortie director of Fernando Poe, Jr.

Efren Sr. was married to actress Virginia Montes. They had six children. Two of them, Cristina Reyes and Efren Jr., followed their footsteps.

"When he died of heart attack on Feb. 11, 1968, his coffin was placed atop the roof of Mount Carmel Church just to accommodate the throng of fans who wanted to pay their respects," said his son, Efren.

8. Alicia Vergel and Cesar Ramirez

Another love team who became husband and wife, they were the parents of the late Ace Vergel and Beverly Vergel, who both followed their footsteps.

They separated and Cesar migrated to the United States.

She was born in 1927. She died of natural causes in 1993 at age 66.

While Cesar Ramirez whose real name was Arlen Quindoy Aguilar (1929-18 July 2003) died of heart attack in 2003.

9. Bernard Bonnin

He became popular as Palos. He was the father of Charlene Gonzales and Richard Bonnin to Elvie Gonzales. He had also children with a non-showbiz wife and his love team Lourdes Medel. He died at the age of 70 on November 21, 2009 at the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City following multiple organ failure due to diabetes.


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