Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hope is only the love of life. - Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Dear insansapinas,

No, I am not depressed. When I woke up from nap, I talked with a friend of mine who was able to find me after years of searching here in the States,  only a week ago. He is my friend back in the UP College of Public Administration and Governance. He finished, I didn't. hahaha. He is a foreigner and is married to a Filipina nurse. Now, they live in the East Coast.

He promised to call me every now and then.  That's how we were before with a lawyer friend of ours. We're triumvirate. He was trying to give me comfort.

I told him that i've been through all the low moments  and there was a time in my life when a man I love turned back on me. Kasalanan ko po Ate Charo. Pwede ba biyulin ? eng-eng-eng-eng. At the same time, I was forced to resign from my job due to office politics. I just stayed in  bed and prayed that I would sleep and never wake up. (Syadong drama, *heh*) Tapos biglang tumunog ang telepono. Siya. Tinanong bakit ako nasa bahay. Eh bakit siya tumawag?

Tapos tumawag yong inaplyan ko, Hired na raw ako. Kung natulog pala ako at di nagising di hindi kami nagkabati at hindi ako nagkaroon bagong trabaho.

Eto paborito kong kanta. seryoso, dedicated ko sarili ko. Saka na kayo.


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